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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Continue.....End of Milestones stories (at the meantime) !!

From Part 1 and Part 2........

The boys continued to grow actively & became little handsomes (that's what people tend to comment lar, hehe....shy!!)

Of course they continued to give dady & mumy more screams too......

There isn't any disaster happened at this stage or could it be we were blind folded by their mischievous.....

Very soon, they celebrated their 4th Birthday!!

After the nursery episode, the boys only went back to kindy at 4 but this time it was purely for 1/2 day school.....no lunch, no bath & no nap in school. From 8 - 11:30am in school then grandpa with 'kakak' will pick them up & babysit back in my parents' home. It was such a sigh of relief seeing the boys enjoying themselves with their friends in school. So birthday party with their friends was definitely more fun. Life was no longer only dady & mumy..........A sign of 'big boy' in the progress!

After the celebration at school, there was a small & private celebration at our cozy home! Then, another simple one with your cousins at a rented apartment in town!

I was so regret not doing any studio snapshots of the boys when they were still babies. Probably mumy was so busy not just taking care of you boys but also your fussy dady! So mumy did the studio photos when the boys were at 4 but boy....it was such a tough time getting them for the pose!!

Seen above was also some photos taken during your FIRST overseas trip to Bangkok! You behaved so well & had convinced dady mumy that we could now bring you along to anywhere!

Now, at the age of 5, it is extremely difficult to keep track of the boys’ developments. And that’s the reason that put my mind off from tracking their milestones. Somehow, mumy made an exception in this particular month.


Scot – always portray the leadership role & his ko-ko Sean has been willing to follow his lil brother foot steps in almost everything.
Sean has a generally softer attitude as compared to Scot who is more aggressive & possessive thus a stronger character. Hence, Scot was the one that has always bully his ko-ko....

u know the "liu si tau fei" one (why r u after mumy so much....oops, what a confession i've made)
Sean is slightly more willing to listen as compared to Scot who can be very persistent with his own thinking. Scot has very good retaliation skills as compared to Sean.
Given that, Sean can be a very whinny child, he could wails, toss & grumpy so much in getting his demand fulfilled.


Starting at 4, it was obviously seen that the boys had different body size.
Sean is now easily heavier than Scot by 3 kgs. By a lift of Sean, one could easily tell how much bigger & meaty he is. Sean can be a bit clumsier compared to his lil brother.
But that doesn’t make Scot the weaker one. Scot could be a little lighter & skinny but he still stayed within average in the standard chart.
Scot looks physically more active & sporty. It's pretty hard to see him playing calmly, most of the time he tend to be aggressive. His aggressiveness makes him stand out most of the time when the twins were in a war!
If you ever have a chance to see both of them running, you can tell who is more firm & who is the clumsier one, hehehe, very funny sight though !!!

Eating Habit

Sean is an easier, simpler & better eater. That’s explained why he’s fatter lar! He is more adventurous with food, willing to try new food & open his mouth easily. Everyone said he inherited his dady’s taste bud. He prefers noodle than rice. His favourite is wan tan mee. He takes durian a lot.
Scot is a much fussier eater, picky, reserve & sceptic about food. He ran his life away when he sees & smells durian. He is also a small eater. Few spoons would already serve enough for his stomach. Occasionally when he’s hungry, he can eat a lot too. He prefers rice than noodle. Currently he is loyal to his favourite 'nasi lemak 'with anchovies & eggs. Even rice with soup can make his day. And with less input but double output (for his high energy consumption), no wonder he can shed his weight off so much!


Scot has always in the leading role in every aspect including speech. He definitely has better control over pronunciation than Sean. But still, generally speaking, both of them are average scorer with speech. They still need a lot of brushing up, not very strong with grammar. Broken language was the norm as a result of 'rojak' language spoken within the family. Mumy’s family speak Cantonese, dady’s speak Teo chew. We are still struggling very much to get their grammar rectified & improved. The boys are still in the midst of managing the usage of “in” “on” “at” “with”……
Currently attending Speech & Drama classes in the hope to improve the language.


The boys are very much addicted to TV (Disney channel, nickelodeon, action cartoon movie-ultraman, superman, spiderman, power ranger, robot - that’s where their stunts were learnt!!) They also love Mr. Bean, Dora, Thomas engines & many more which I’ve lost count of…..actually I can’t kept abreast of those cartoon programs anymore!! As for toys, both of them are crazy over CARS.
Scot right now is more patient & has more passion with drawing & colouring. Gave him a white piece of paper, he can draw out quite an impressive piece. He’s quite particular with colouring too, ensuring that colours do not go out of the lines.
As for Sean, he tends to be a bit lazy at that though teacher would like him more being more of an angelic student. Sean’s works can be a bit messy & he doesn’t show interest in drawing & colouring. He can be very playful too. Most often than not, Sean was seen following Scot in doing things but very soon, Sean will give up & his attention would be diverted to elsewhere very easily. Again it was just another follower’s trait.
See below, we were at Ikea. While we were browsing around, Scot discovered this writing/drawing spot & he automatically picked up the paper & pencil to start his sribbles! Very fast, he sketched out the sub-marine ships!!

While lil Scot was busy sketching, Sean only care to 'play'.....sigh!!!
Well....again & again, i remind myself not to compare, hehehe!!

On summary, the worst headaches right now for both huby & I (oops not forgetting my parents the babysitters) lies around their fights & competition for everything.
While it was quite acceptable to expect some level of competition among siblings, I would confidently say rival competition among twins’ siblings can be a few times stronger!! So it wasn’t an easy task at all to handle that.

They basically compete for every physical things:

everything needs to be identical, no favouritism, no sharing….they even compete for dady’s attention as expected. So it was dady that ended up with more headaches than mumy so over the neighbourhoods, they usually heard dady screamed more than mumy, hehehe!! We always felt sorry for our neighbours for having to endure our screams!! And it was so embarassed too.

Whatever said & done, it was a whole worth of 5 years for us as we celebrated the 5th year into the twins’ birthday today on 11/11/2007. A well chosen date I suppose, easy to remember yeah…….
Well, I sincerely thank you if you made the reading right up to here. It's not that big reason anyway, just that i'm a bit emotional usually at this time of the year!!

And should you drop a birthday wish for our precious (come on....don't be stingy, anonymous also will do........) i'm thanking you in advance but pls not forget to cheer me up on another successful year in parenting.
I know there will many more years of challenges to face but I would prefer to appreciate & shout about the success of the completion of ONE whole YEAR at a time!! In fact, the birth date was the most memorable anniversary for me…

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY DARLING sean & scot !!!
from your beloved Dady & Mumy!

And oops.......Happy 5th Anniversary to ME too....shy shy shy !!!



Sasha said...

Happy Birthday Scot And Sean!


Anonymous said...

Now you know and appreciate what your poor mother had to put up with you bullying your sisters (Haha) But it has not aged you too much going by your wedding photos.

Anggie's journel said...

Happy Belated Birthday to scot and sean... wow ur twin already 5 yrs old.... thanks for dropping by my blog, my boy just 1 year + only, long way to go ... :)

seem the 2 bro hv very different Charcters/Personality !!

JO-N said...

They are REALLY handsome. Happy belated birthday to Scot and Sean.
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to hear from you again.

Jacss said...

Thank U leng lui.....it's yr b'day too!!

Thanks for d wish & compliment, uncle, hehe! ya ya, i know how much headaches i've given my poor mom..
btw, which wedding photo u mentioned, "shy shy" !!

helo, anggie...yeah, old mumy edi..., u will enjoy the long milestones too, i'm sure!!

helo, Jo-N....thank u, thank u!!
yes, i'll sure talk u again(virtually) ..so u will hear me....!!!

1+2mom said...

Happy Belated birthday to little twins brother!!

Sorry, aunty was late no time to blog hop.

Such a long story, will come back later to read more detail.

yenlin said...

Dear Scot & Sean,
I wanted to send you my wishes on time. But...
A cat ate my 'mouse'... :-P

Belated Happy Birthday!!

Jacss said...

thank u aunty sylvia, no need sorry....heart that counts!!
yeah....very long story, hope it won't bore you out!!

well yen lin, as i said bf, it's d thought that counts....i always like yr comment, i learnt a new sentence now :"cat ate my mouse", hehe!!

chanelwong said...

Happy Blessed Birthday to the Boys..
wow your anniversary also same date?

I enjoy reading your experience...

Jacss said...

Thanks Chanel!
No lar...now i know i could be misleading..poor manglish lar must be!

I'm just refering to MY birthing anniversary...hehe!!!
Their b'day is the day i gave birth ma...haha!!!

slavemom said...

Happy Belated 5th Birthday to Sean & Scot! Eh, no need to be shy... u do hv a pair of handsome boys. Must congratulate u on a job well done... it's a known fact it's not ez taking care of twins. *salute* ;)

wen said...

happy birthday twin boys!!! how u actually cope with twins ah? especially when they were young. luckily u have a maid and parents to help..

Jacss said...

slavemom: thks for d compliment & wishes!! btw, i feel bad for calling u "slavemom"...what oth name to address u pls?

wen: like d chinese sayings: "shuen tou khiu chee yin chik"...whatever problems could be solved when it arrives....
ya, i was lucky that my parents are always here to help !!

Annie Q said...

Ooooppss..i super late!
Happy belated 5th birthday Sean & Scot( two handsome boys)!!!
Aunty want to meet up with u two one day la.

Jacss said...

Aunty Annie: my mummy said after you see d monster us, u will shake your head...
my mummy has always like to meet you & your cutesy boys too!!