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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Want a new look for your GARAGE?

This is a sponsored post.
Garage is commonly not a favorable place to visit due to it’s dirty & unpleasant outlook. This is particularly so for we, woman. But now this will be a problem of the past, with the garage flooring tiles offered at Car Guy Garage.

The garage flooring tiles create not only an attractive look but a comfortable environment for the garage. It also provides solution for cracked, chipped or stained concrete garage floors.

After browsing through carguygarage.com, I decided to recommend Diamond garage
flooring to my dear hubby. It is not only non-slip flooring, I strongly believe it would enhance our garage with a brand new & COOL look too. At the same time, the comfy environment would also overcome my fear of staying put at the garage for a longer period.
Hubby would definitely be more than happy to have me around helping him in the garage whenever the need arises. We no longer need to worry the kids running & tossing themselves around the new flooring as it is non-slip & easy to clean.


wen said...

hi, tag for u


Rjoc said...

Hi Jac
These tiles sound like a good idea. There is a distributor in Australia so I will measure the area up and see what it costs. Won't be in the garage but under the elevated part of the house as the concrete there is a bit messy after all these years. As you endorse the product do you want some practical experience and help me to lay them???

Jacss said...

hi uncbob,

it's great that someone find my review useful. i hope their price is good for u too....

errg....no thank u, i dun need d practical exp...\:P anyway, i will just let my kids toss on the tiles once they r fix & we visit!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

Jacss, would like to pass your this tag?