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Saturday, November 17, 2007

School Costume Party 2007

Last Friday (16/11) was the last day of school for this year! The twins' school organized a "Costume Contest Party" instead of the usual annual concert. Well it just wasn't the right time for me to think of what to do with the costume......after busying with the recent family wedding affair & birthday celebration !! So upon reading the notice about the costume contest, i just brushed it aside.....
The children was also encouraged to bring some food to share. So the twins' busy parent only get to buy some muffins & swiss roll (yeah, the most convenient one!!) from the nearest bakery store that morning itself.
I was kind of surprise but amuse & amaze to see how much effort others have put in with their costumes. I respect other parents who displayed such thought provoking attitudes in dressing up their kids for the event! Some even managed to put on make-up on their kids....phew! Suddenly I felt myself very useless (not active with participation).....sigh !!!
Anyway, what amused me the most was the wildness of the principal itself. She dressed herself into a "Santa Claus"......see below so funny, hahaha!!

Seen on the right was a cute little princess

Here are more interesting turn-out:
Black spiderman, Red spiderman & most interesting the little LION Dance boy...

Little ah pek in "SAM FOO" & tambi in "TALIBAN" (correct ahh?)

Finally was my 2 little ah peks......also in Chinese "SAM FOO", in between them was the "SUPERMAN" of course!!
I was glad that the boys had another chance to wear their sam foo again after the recent chinese wedding ceremony....at least mumy's hard earned $$ was a little worth spent!!
On the otherhand, school holiday doesn't mean any different for my boys because they will need to put up with day care in their school until their 'kakak'/our replacement maid arrive! Without a helper around, it would be too taxing for their grandparent to manage them for the whole day as compared to only half day during school days!
And on separate account, the good news about school holiday is of course a much improved traffic..........yeah!!
Happy School Holiday!


slavemom said...

I'm oso a lazy parent... din make an effort to participate in the Fancy Dress competition held in XY's kindy. Wah... the pricipal so sporting one. :) And the boys look vy good in 'sam foo'.

Jacss said...

slavemom: yeh, we 'kamching' !! yeah, i never believe the principal is so sporting too....

2 ahpek in 'sam foo' said thank-u thank-u !!

Annie Q said...

Happy school holiday Sean & Scot!!