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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"DAY" Wedding - Part 1

It wasn’t a very rush morning on the day my sis (Mag) was married away. According to the so-call fortuneteller, the groom needs to arrive at the bride’s home at 11a.m. sharp. So we had ample time to dress up, groom & had breakfast. Then, I even had to do some touching up on the bridesmaid’s face….my youngest sis! The next hour saw relatives & family members pouring in…. Not forgetting the bunch of pretty chicks i.e. “chi mui” /buddies of the bride.

This gang of “chi mui” is really no joke (not “sin lam soon lui”). Guess they must have had great planning on “their task” in that morning. The chicks went straight to the kitchen & started their preparation….blended the bitter guard juice, mixed the wasabi & vinegar juice, boiled eggs & etc. They really got my mouth opened wide with “ooh my”, “oh no”, “gosh”, “tsk tsk tsk”………

Just as the bride tried to settle down for a lil rest, the loud & prolonged sound of horn was heard….indicating the arrival of the groom and the gang!

The groom’s gang of “heng tai”/buddies came not just all prepared to face the challenges but in their smart suit despite the hot weather!

Having attended quite a number of wedding ceremonies in my life, I must say this time was really fun, cool & entertaining! The gang of “heng tai” was extremely “sporty” & “active”!

The best part was none of them was seen hesitated putting on the bra, the craziest game….gosh, everyone laughed till stomach pain! With the bra on, the “chi mui” wanted the gang to reach out to 3 neighbours to get their signatures & agreed to a group photo as shown below…...

Once all the obstacles set-up by the “chi mui” have been overridden, the rest of the procedures were completed too….prayers, tea ceremony & etc etc…..

See my 'samseng' scot with his tooth pick in his mouth & shirt unbuttoned??

Finally came the much awaited event….i.e. cutting of the roast pig. It was a moment that everyone (esp. the guys) has waited to get a bite of the sumptuous roast pork!! But heck, the task wasn’t an easy one, not everyone has the skill & experience to cut such a big animal! As we were debating that, mom came and said a very important statement: the cutting task must be undertaken by “SOMEONE” that has achieved good life!

According to mom, that someone is considered having good life if she has many children (both male & female), grandchildren and must not have difficult life style! So, in the end, my eldest aunty (ku cheh/dad’s sis) was proudly given the honour to do it…..see her charming smile below??

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it was an event that was much awaited. And this was proven with the crowd waited anxiously surrounding my “ku cheh”…..sight of hands grabbing the best part & sound of ooh ooh hah hah signalling how tasty it was !!

Even the groom & the bride did not missed out!

The entire event has taken approximately 1 & 1/2 hour and they ought to return to the groom's place by 1p.m.


Tracy said...

Wuah lau eh! The 'chi muis' were fanstastic with their ideas and the 'heng tais' were so sporting as to do what they were told to do so.

So the uncles went past the 2 Power Rangers easily? Hahaha.

Mummy to QiQi said...

Jacss....u can get it at cn123cn.

Annie Q said...

hahahaha..the funny part is putting on the bra and go to 3 neighbours to get signatures and took pictures, this one is a good one. I will consider that for my SIL wedding next month. LOL!
Wow, u're Scott really got "tai kor" look huh..haha

laundryamah said...

ppl say if ask the guys to wear the girl's underwear meaning the guy will listen to the wife all this life..so my brother very smart..he refused to do it!

yenlin said...

i personally like the idea to make the heng-dai wear bra... very much :-P

to all 'chicks' --- GOOD JOB!

Jacss said...

tracy: yalor, luckily d heng tai very sporty!! hehehe..actually d power rangers very chicken wan!

annie: lol..it was also an eye opener tricks for me..i would recommend it too BUT got to make sure the groom & his gangs are super sporty!!
as for my samseng scot...no eyes see ahh !!!

amah: ooh yes ka, i never hear before leh...must tell my sis but then only the heng tai wore on his behalf...the groom never wear himself too bad!!!

yenlin: yeah we all like to torture them so much....hehehe !!

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