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Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Gained another rest day...Happy Deepavali !!

I have been depriving of sleep, rest & 'blog' lately...and landed myself in fatigues. Despite being so busy in private life, I still have official work to mind. Not just that my leaves had already reached its limit, even if there are still plenty, there's no where i could go on leave with peace of mind as you would agree......it's already November & approaching mid of the month, meaning i am only left with a month plus to finish off whatever works that belongs to FY2007 and also to tidy up my a/cs & clear as much as possible any back log...... It really scare the shit out of me thinking how fast time has flew !!
Thankfully just when i needed some good rest, the day came in time.. even if it means only a day.... Yes, it's Deepavali Day...though it didn't mean as much to me personally as any other races' new year, i still welcome it very much as a day OFF from work!!
Right early in the morning when the rest were all still in sound sleep, i heard a little girl's call....from next door. Yes, it was the girl of our Indian neighbour. This was the 2nd year we received cookies from them. So now....at least Deepavali meant something to us! We got the Indian cookies to remind us of the festival! Isn't it just wonderful that we still live in harmony despite the multi racials background?
Did some house chores, blogged a bit & had a good nap in the evening!! Lunch was just nearby at IOI mall......F1 restaurant. It was a good meal! Look at the jumbo size juice below, apparently they said it was 1 litre but we finished it in no time!

Too bad tomorrow is back to office day....but i needed to go back so badly coz coz coz lots of work lar !!!! Anyway, Thank God It's Friday !!


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Annie Q said...

Happy Deepavali to u Jacss! hehehee and happy friday morning, tomorrow is weekend again lo..;)