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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Suddenly the urge comes........

Guess what, we woman can really be crazy at times. Too early to blame it on menopause but just couldn't help. One of the week day when I was working, the sudden urge of eating something poped up out of nowhere. Needless to say, the thinking can't be left in the mind without putting the desire to rest........

So during lunch time, i went & hunt for the food that i've been thinking off. Pheww......finally my temptation stopped bugging me!! You say woman scary or not?

YUM....YUM.....YUM !!!

NOPE....NOPE.....NOPE, that's not a symptom.....as "aunty" is visiting right now!!


Annie Q said...

half boil egg? hahahahaha

chanelwong said...

i love half boil eggs also....

JO-N said...

That's right Jacss, when you feel like eating, just eat!

slavemom said...

It feels good when ur cravings r satisfied. I sometimes hv cravings too but most of the time, it's not satisfied. Coz I'm too lazy to go out n buy. hehehe
Btw, don't hv to feel bad abt the nick.. but if u like, u can call me ginie. :)

Sasha said...

JUST EAT LA! everytime got craving also semua say pregnant. Cannot be just because i wanna eat meh? Right or not?

zooropa said...

haha...I'll just eat whenever there's an urge 4it!


Jacss said...

ginie???!!! such a cute & sweet name!!