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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our water tumblers

This is a post for genie whom i had promised to show her mine after reading that post!!
I hope you won't be shocked ahh......
ah poohhh...............chiak !!

ok...ok....i know this kinda look 'crazy' but let me tell you.....some of the bottles above will be used for family traveling and the rest are either temporary not being used (for a reason) or will not be used for many reasons!!!
btw, did i made your eyes 'pop out'....???
anyway, I need a chance to justify too.....
Here it goes:

> The 7 pieces of dark green bottles (courtesy of Milo's free gift) will more likely be used for family traveling as i don't trust their quality for little boys to handle!!
> 2 dark red bottles were free gift given by Shell which are mostly used by me as the cover is a bit tricky for the little ones' finger to lock/unlock!!
> There are 2 yellow bottles with blue cover were free gift of Enfagrow which also has 'lousy' cap, thus causing water to spill !! Same goes for the 2 cute little bottles at the far left with blue & yellow cap also tend to loosen up by itself.....arghh, so geram !!
> Next to it, the 2 transparent bottles had been used by the boys for quite a while but after sometime, one of the cap became faulty plus the size was a bit too small to fulfill their growing consumption!!
> And finally are the 2 giant tupperware tumblers.....which are very good for family traveling! The initially purchase was intended for the boys to bring to school but they turned out to be a little too big for them at this moment. So i believe they will make very good usage when they boys go to primary school !!

> Those bottles with straw had been sort of 'banned' as i find that it's not possible to wash the straw! So these are the ones that have been lying idle!!

> The orange & green cap tumblers are Avent sport bottles which the boys will occassionaly used but not being their favourite as it required a bit of strong effort to 'suck' the water!

> The 2 red cap bottles are collectibles of Transformer cartoon which the boys did used for a while but only to have me kept them aside as i find it a bit not hygiene without proper cover!! Same goes for the front 2 blue & green bottles bought from Toys R'Us....no cover!!

> The purple & blue ones had been used for long & their life span are nearing to an end.... i just thrown them away!!

> The pink elephant & blue penguin bottles were also free gift but i forgetten from which purchase. These 2 are still in use..........
After many trial & error above, the below are the 2 being used currently & the ones i found most suitable at their current age !!

Hai (sigh)......Finding 'suitable' tumblers also can be so tiring hor.....??? ehh... no lar, i think it's bcoz i'm fussy only, haha !!!


Ling That's Me said...

wah!!! *faintz*

huisia said...

wow...really BANYAK!!!!

Annie Q said...

i also got a lot! Mostly is from Neslac free gift..more than 20! I just donate it out to the school. :P

slavemom said...

How can I not be shocked?! Can open shop edi. :D Hey, I hv the giant Tupperware too. Bot that for her to use in kindy. But obviously not suitable coz too big.
Hmm... it's not ez to find suitable tumblers for our kids ya. Their current ones r vy sporty looking. Lock & Lock is a good brand, rite?

Sasha said...

mau bukak kedai ka? But then its very hard to find one suitable tupperware . I went hunting for tumbler for my son , until now belum dapat. So now he is using the one u have the blue cover and the transparent body wan.

JO-N said...

Wow! What a collection! My free gift tumblers will end up in the dustbin within a few days. My boys are too rough!!

Wen said...

i thot i have many but u have more!! i oso have the avent and tupperware ones. wei, u didnt mention where u bought the current one which is most suitable wor..

1+2mom said...

Dun worry, i also 1 of your fans..haha.

Same as you, try so many but they dun like go buy again. I still keeping them in the cabinet.

chanelwong said...

it is true..not easy to find a suitable tumbler for kids which is easy to manage and also easy to clean...

Anggie's journel said...

wow, that really alot of water tumblers u have ...

Mummy to QiQi said...

adoi...wanna find place for storage also problem...i throw all unused ones away!

jacss said...

oh yeah annie, i shd consider donating too...

yes genie, lock&lock can be relied on...for various type of storage!

and wen, this brand can be found in most of the big departmental store but not all models are available at a particular outlet!
mine got it from isetan abt RM17-18per piece!

looks like....i'm not the only fussy one here ehh !!!

Tracy said...

Wuah seh! I shook my head in surprise when I 'stared' at the tumblers on display. I thought Des has the most (12) tumblers but it seems dat ur twins really beat her on this. *salute salute*