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Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm sorry if you happened to hop over & see nothing exciting!!

As we are too busy holidaying, we shall be back with lots of interesting updates!!

CHEERS from Sean & Scot for all !!


slavemom said...

Oi... stop 'sai mengg' lah!! :p
Back from HK edi? Quick quick update. :)

Annie Q said...

show us more pictures ya. I'm sure u all will njoy the holidays very very much!!

Sasha said...


Rjoc said...

Enjoy your break and also your time at the meeting Jacss. Plenty of writeups to be done when you get back then including a couple on eating there?

chanelwong said...

Happy Holidays !!!!

huisia said...

Oh..so shiok...enjoy!

jppmom said...

Happy Holiday! Can't wait for u to blog about it ;)

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All Precious Moments said...

Enjoy your holidays! Have many wonderful moments! muaks!!