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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The LOOTs first.....

Hey hey hey..........we are finally back !!!
We are all very exhausted but filled with tons of memories......
There are surely lots of things to sort out & organise before i can put up an update here......

So why not take a look at our loots first....... a surely mouth-watering appetizer !!!

Here you go :
21/6 (Saturday)

Does these look familiar ????

The BENTO kits
wow......wow......walau ehh.....

Frankly speaking, i learnt of this 'bento' thingy not long ago but i just can't tell how & why i could felt instantly in love with them!! I had browsed & browsed where i could get these tools locally but noticed they were not commonly found, even if there are, they were certainly very very much "over-priced" here. So knowing that i will be heading to HK, i hold on to that urge to buy as i believe they could be easily found in HK & cost much cheaper!!

Very true, they were at least half the cost of getting them locally.....i felt extremely 'happy' & excited having them in my hands now......hahaha, yes that's how crazy i am!!

Actually, i really don't know why i'm happy about having these tools as they simply mean i will have more 'cooking job' to do......

So, here's what huby warned me with a 'sharp' glare from his eyes:

"make sure YOU are going to use them ahh" !!!


22/6 (Sunday)

It was suppose to be ' To spend the whole Day ' in DISNEYLAND but we only left for the place after lunch since we knew that we are going to stay up there until the closure of the place at 8p.m. where the spectacular show of the fireworks begin.

So, in that short 2 hours of morning shopping before we left for Disneyland, i still 'sempat' to grab this bag which was already long-waited in my shopping list......... 'phewww' ...... felt so good. It cost at least RM450 cheaper compared to here as HK is a duty-free country (for branded bag at least) so the Chinese from the mainland were seen buying Lv like eating 'sang choi'/lettuce like that !!

The boys really got lots of loots from the Disneyland. All the things are really beautiful that even i myself couldn't resist buying..........

The first to go were these 'cool' & 'cute' umbrellas.......as the whether was hot burning!! And they cost HKD100/RM50 each.....

A very good quality photo frame for a family portrait at the Disneyland. HKD150/RM75 (i would say it would certainly cost much more here)

Fridge magnets/photo frames

Pencil case

Watches (HKD100/RM50 each)

Lunch box (HKD70/RM30)....premium quality too!

Lollipop sweets for the cousins

Ahhhh.....minnie mouse watch for 'me'.....hehehe so cute lar.......

Keychains for the handbags......


24/6 (Tuesday)

Huby had uncle Sam (his uni friend) brought them to the TOY wholesales place located at

"Sham Shui Po" while I was at work!

Similar range of these stuffs here cost at least RM60 & above (Takada brand from Japan) but "the BIG KID/huby" found them very cheap in HK.....only half the price here so he got as equally excited as the twins and bought almost the entire range available there !!

Finally, here are the food stuffs.......

The 'wife biscuit'/ 'lou poh peng' is a must-buy snack for me coz i just love them......but only authentic ones from HK, i wouldn't go for those found here coz they don't taste the same!

Next is a new try for me....i had been thinking for quite a while whether to buy it coz my HK colleague said it tasted very very good. Since huby also agreed & very keen to get them, i decided to go ahead trying out something different.

Well, after trying it.......though the taste wasn't bad at all but the feeling of muching 'the tongue' kept haunting my mind negatively, in particular where there are fine bones in between the flesh.... so much so that i felt very guilty & disgusted eating them !! Well, guess I'm just not adventurous enough but i see that my huby really enjoyed eating them....tsk tsk tsk!

Quite a bad damage this time........time for recuperating !!


Ling That's Me said...

wow!look at the stuffs u bough! I am sure all of u have a great time!

Rjoc said...

Welcome back! Did you come back with excess baggage and the Malaysian customs thought you were a travelling sundry shop.
What is surplus your FIL could sell for you. Hahahah

Anggie's Journal said...

wah wah wah ..... look at that !!!
Seem u all really have a super nice holiday.. how nice with all the shopping ..... !!
Fuh.. the LV bag ... cantik la...:)

slavemom said...

It's so nice to go on vacation n come back with so much loots. The best part is u know u've got a good deal n it's actually cheaper than getting them locally. Nvm the big hole in the pocket... the satisfaction n enjoyment is priceless. ;)
Hmmm... I foresee there'll be more bento posts in the future yeah? hehehe

huisia said...

wow wow wow...the loots..wooo...
why never looked for me??Haha...

JO-N said...

Wonderful things you have bought but the most precious is the time spent together, eh?

Love the bento equipments!! I'm now officially a bento addict!!

Annie Q said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOWW!!!!! So many things!!! Look at the bento equipments!! So we will see a lot nice bento creation coming soon in your blog huh.hehehe, take pictures and show us ya..

LV!! Nice bag! I like that!!

Can't wait to see all the nice pictures!!

LZmommy said...

Was blog hopping and came to your blog :)

Wow! Wish I can go Hong Kong and grab the stuffs you have :)

Sasha said...

*krakkkkkkkkkk * (the sound of the koyaked wallet*

WAHLAU!!! u bought alot of things leh! *salute*

And i cannot imagine eating the duck's tongue too!

allthingspurple said...

drool drool drool..look at all your bento stash !!!

Bet u got high shopping. ha ha. I always get so excited when i got good deals.

true, hk's loh poh peng is so much more tastier than our local ones

wen said...

My God! u sure bought a lot! like the LV bag too. shd hv gone to HK to buy mine!

jacss said...

oh dear...looks like my appetizer really managed to melt all of u guys heh...good good good...even just by seeing them made us feel better right??!!
that's why there is a reason why ppl said shopping is a retail therapy, hehehe...

thks ling & anggie...yes, we had great time & lotsa fun.

nope uncB, no excess baggage coz we have 2 extra baggage allowance i.e. the boys, hahaha!! if i'm alone...it's possible to go beyond!

huisia...our itenary in HK was already quite full ma...maybe next time if we ever go shenzhen, will look for u, k!!

lzmommy & purple mumy: tq for visiting...will keep up & learn more bento works from u women!!

genie, jo & annie, hopefully i'm not 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam' with the bentoing...hahaha

alamak....like that also u can hear ah sasha??

yeah wen, shouldn't get LV here... more expensive than anywhere else!

Irene said...

walaoeh, shiok nyer shopping! i like! hahaha... O.o