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Saturday, January 10, 2009

ASSORTED updates to WRAP UP 2008 !!

Life's been busy this year end !!
Pardon me for still touching on 2008 while everyone has already moved on with 2009...paiseh !!
But i think this post will be something to remember as i'd never been so much engaged during the year end with interesting events & activities. As much as i had wanted more of such excitement, i can't deny the fact that there are other areas that should not be neglected ....(eg....work & the boys' school work, grrrrr) !!

Since all the updates below were so backdated, it's better to junk them all in one post so that's gonna save up on your comments.....hahaha, so good ah me !!!


We spent our X'mas eve up at the hill in Cameron Highlands. It was the boys' first visit. Previously during our trip to Genting Hightland & Bukit Tinggi, i used to tell the boys beforehand that these places tend to have cooler weather but they were disappointed only to find that there wasn't much different from the weather back home!! So this time, when i told them the same thing, the boys weren't really excited about it until they experienced it first hand.
Yes, the temperature went down to 15 degrees celsius even at broad day light much to our surprise !!! Finally the boys got really happy & excited!!

After a 4 hours + journey, everyone yearn for a stretch & release. So here was our first stop at a tea cafe ... the boys demanded for their jackets, hahaha....fun to see their new reactions !!

Once we were satisfied with the cool breeze & green view, we proceeded to check into our 3 rooms apartment at Star Regency Hotel.

It was a very spacious chinese family owned apartment, suits big crowd....quite clean & neat considering the age of the building!!

After settling down with our luggages, it was nearly 6pm so we decided to have early dinner. Our target was none other than STEAMBOAT lar....
And huby's friend who is a regular to CameronH recommended this organic steamboat rest to which we had no regret trying so much that we even long to go for another round the next day!!!

This restaurant was also featured in our local TV food program, Ah Xian's show.
According to the boss, they owned the organic farm & has been growing organic veges for 12 years!!

We ordered loads & loads of greenies......and ate like " cows " coz they were god damn cheap & fresh!!!

The happiest moment was when the bill came with a price that put you on a smile.....u know what i mean?? My super stingy mom also nodded in agreement to the reasonableness of the price that both mom & I ransacked their veggies fridge for some purchase...... as they were also available for sale.

*** Our greenies loots ***

With a bloated stomach, we decided to walk around the place. The cool air kept prompted me to recall my cooling days in Tokyo......argghhhh
Within minutes we reached our hotel and i must say the location is quite strategic, as across the street, there was an interesting night market which only operates on weekend & public holiday!!

Due to festive season, the street was quite merry with many tourists.

We did not expect to see such a wide varieties of foods & snacks at the street. For a moment, we regretted eating too full. But soon after a short stroll, we felt that our stomach could take in more food. Some of the delicacies were really worth giving a try.....like super sweet & juicy corn, both orange & purple sweet potatoes,many types of fried veggies (ala tempura style), fruits & etc etc.

First we spotted this....guess what it is??

So cheap....so the boys had one each !!! emmm.....strawberries, nice!!

Flowers were colorful & beautiful but not really fancy about it so we just pleased the eyes & walked pass!!

Next was another famous production, HONEY !!

The boys love tasting the honey & kept asking for more until we were 'forced' to buy some....

The boys got very fascinated watching the bees producing honey !!!!

Vegetables were so cheap. They were individually packed up & sold like.... for RM10, u can choose 8 packs of different veggies .....
Apart from varieties of veggies, we also brought back more snacks to our apartment barely an hour after our steamboat.....our supper that was !!! sei mou ???

As our first day was too short for any sight seeings, we had big plan on the next morning!! Unfortunately luck was not on our side, it rained cats n dogs the next morning until 11am. We were stucked in the apartment until noon & survived on our maggi instant noodles. So there wasted our half day.

Our very first stop was at the TEA Plantation Farm.

I had initially reluctant to climb up to the peak of the tea plantation, had not that the boys insisted. Anyway, i can't stop their feet.....and was in fact having a hard time chasing up to them from the back....grrrrr !!!

The 2 champions after reaching the peak !!!

Next was strawberry farm & bee farm.

The below few slightly reddish strawberries were the rare ones we could find at the place this season. The amount of big, red & fresh strawberries were very lacking....big time disappointment!!

We left CH around 2pm ish as we still need to make a stop over at Menglembu, Ipoh....my birth place to visit some relatives. Another Lai family (my dad's side) treated us to a sumptuous dinner before we headed back to KL & arrived around midnight !!!

There were still many things to explore but our time was very rush this time. Huby loves this place a lot & said he will be back more often......

The FOO's wedding lunch at The Noble Rest.

27/12 /2008

On the weekend after the X'mas holiday, both days were very productively utilised by us.

There was a wedding lunch attended. It was that kind of "attendance on behalf" of my FIL.
It was my FIL's cousin that hosted the dinner reception & since my FIL could not come down to KL, huby was asked to attend on behalf & since $$$ was already been paid, we tagged along to fill the tummy!! This type of luncheon can be very meaningless when we barely even know the wedding couples.... apart from just eating, ...but that's was the culture that we need to upkeep, what to do !!!??
My monster monkeying & entertaining at the same time .....

with uncle Nicholas & aunty Tricia (dady's cousins)

The wedding lunch started around 1:30 pm & lasted us until about 4pm.
We reached home before 5 only to catch a short rest before we proceeded to another party!!!

YHsuen 4th b'day & Eve's house warming party

Yes, the same night, we attended a friend's house warming cum her daughter's birthday party!!

*** 2 princess of Eve ***
getting ready for bday song & candle blowing session

Several of my high school classmates are having only daughters ..... so my monster boys refused to join into the cake cutting session, GOSH !!!

Happy 4th B'day YH





Very early the next morning (a Sunday), we had a VISIT arranged. It was a field trip organised by Irene Teng /phisiomom (a fellow blogger from Ipoh). Irene won 2 tickets to the High 5 Breadtown museum & offered to arrange the tour to include friends who are interested to join at a special package of course (cheaper price yet with more goodies)!!

Thanks Irene....your effort was very much appreciated!!

I had initially expected it to be an ordinary factory visit, little that i expect that the museum was so impressive & fantastic !!!

Parents out there, trust me....if you have some spare time in the future & not knowing where to go, do consider this bread museum as it is really a superb place for the kids !!!

The tour started with a multi-media show on the history of bread-making.
Then we were led to the museum in a tunnel that featured different era of bread making from centuries ago right up to the millennium era....this part was impressive to me !!!
Unfortunately, no photography was allowed!!

Then after touring the museum, we got to see the REAL thing about bread-making. Yes, it was the real production plant. The visitors walked on a sky bridge fully covered with glass to have a glimpse of the entire bread production line from making the dough, baking them in the oven right up to slicing & packaging !!

Irene has a pair of twin boys too.
Here are the sets "Dennis & Daniel" with "Sean & Scot"

Towards the end of the tour, we were led to the souvenir shop which sells ...... of course High 5 range of products.....bread, cake & etc at slightly cheaper price than outside !!
Our goodies bag also contained more of High 5 goods....bread bread & bread.....we ended up having to eat bread for the next few days!!!

Irene stood next to me .... she was so petite standing beside me.....grrrrrr !!!
The other 2 are Irene's classmates...i think

*** Here is the GROUP photo ***

Supposingly A very knowledgeable trip .... but all my "monkey boys" could care was to run & run & shout about the place....sigh !!! So i wasn't sure if they benefited from the tour but bet they enjoyed the trip very much as they had made some new friends !!!


We spent our new year eve at my elder sister's house as she threw a house warming party!!!

aiyo......eat eat & eat again !!!

Besides eating, it was yet another catching up with family members session !!!

That's about it at this moment.....BUT it will be continued as there were 2 more WEDDINGS we attended during this season too !!! You say our pocket badly burnt or not??

I decided to seperate the 2 wedding updates in the next post ..... eyes 'bolat' already !!

** There goes my super busy period ** wink wink


shoppingmum said...

Hey, I think your boys look like aunty Tricia leh...
You really had such a good time makan makan with all those wedding dinners. LOL!

slavemom said...

Ur CH trip sounds like a lot of fun leh. The cool weather is definitely a welcoming chg. And I really love having steamboat when it's cold. Extra satisfying, rite?
The last wk of 2008 was really packed for u - with parties, wedding functions n excursion. Super bz! N a lot of makan sessions too. :)

Rjoc said...

What a busy life you have been leading Jacss, and most of it involved eating sigh, Is that why we have not had only blogs on cooking lately??

Annie Q said...

so many makan makan session!!!! So many programe. :)

zara's mama said...

My oh my, you covered so much in such a short time frame.

Didn't know Camerons so got 'hei fan' during festive season..

allthingspurple said...

now you made me feel like taking a trip up to Cameron Highland with my kids.haha.

and food food food, glorious food !!!

wen said...

weather so hot now, i oso feel like going somewhere cool now that i saw ur photos in cameron