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Friday, September 19, 2008

Bento week # 14

Well....am glad that i'm starting to almost..... regularise my bentos posting, it can be quite stressful with lots of back logs!! Partly also bcoz I'd finally got a multi flash cards reader so am no longer restricting the upload job at home anymore !!!

Start of with the boys' bento:
Left to right :
fruit jelly (which i made additional during the mid autumn festival);
Nectarine & strawberry on picks;
1 rice ball & fish fillet cube on picks.

During weekend, i bought some fish paste from the wet market as i wanted to fry some fish fillet as stash, at least it's not the frozen type thou the fish paste was not home-made still..... sigh! So knowing that there is a possibility that the boys might be lazy to chew on the fillet, i got to cut them into little cube of mouthful size!! The trick worked....

Got to be light and the bento can even be missed (if mumy is lazy).....coz the kindy serve noodle on this day. But since there were still lots of bread around & the 'potato maid' already started to show the 'jelak' face eating bread.....hahaha, i thought why not just make some cute little toast!

cut into star shaped, applied some olive butter & toast to crisp;
even added a marsh mallow & gummy heart candy

Was late home as huby has happy hour session from 5 to 7pm & i was 'kept' in the office waiting.... So bento got to sacrifice for simple & quick one!
Mom bought some sweet pineapples & Sean ate a lot at mom's place. Since there were still left over, i grabbed home for the boys' tomorrow bento!
On picks were pineapple, nectarine & strawberry;
3 pieces of snow skin moon cake (d boys had a taste similar to mine);
1 piece of fish fillet & a cheese cube.
Guess what?????
Later in the night only i realised Wed was a public holiday for Selangor!!
...... DANG ......
So there i ate the fruits, kept the moon cake back into the fridge for the next day & i got to finish off the fillet in office.

Another simple bento required as kindy serve them porridge!! I wanted to try the animal pasta bought recently from marks & spencer so i purposely dugged out a few pieces.......yeah, only 5 freaking small pieces of pasta....silly hor!!
Was a tad bit dissapointed with the shape as i can't seemed to figure what animal they were besides the fish..........hahaha
In the aluminium case was pieces of animal pasta thaw with butter & garlic powder & carrot slices. more snowskin mooncakes, sausages & cheese cube !!


This was an exceptionally favourite creation for me.....so far!! No, i don't have such creative mind, i got the inspiration from kitchen snippers and modified with whatever final batch of left overs in my fridge! Thought i should share the steps here....btw, it was a trial & error session!!
Fried a thin layer of eggs.
it was such a big task...i tell u....coz after frying one side of d egg, i don't know how to turn it over without folding or breaking it!! i tried & tried, finally got to call out to lou-kung & he quickly came to my rescue! but he also got no idea how to do it so he was holding the pan away from the stove (scared that d egg would burnt)....trying to figure! Finally, he got me to get him a flat big plate for him to transfer the egg on then can turn the other side back on the pan........hahaha.....4 hands to get this done !!!

Let the egg cool a bit, lay a sheet of seaweed on top of the egg.....

i had earlier on thaw my left over rice on the pan with some oyster sauce, pepper & chopped crab sticks, which i then placed thinly on top of the seaweed sheet.

next, sprinkle some chicken floss.....

some more added some mayo.........aiyo !!
Then, can start to roll it up before cutting them into sushi size...like below!!
*** Tadda ***
The down side of it was since i wasn't using the sushi rice, it wasn't sticky as sushi & i need to fasten it up with a food pick, else it might unroll !!
But taste wise, no doubt la....without trying also i knew it suits our taste very much bcoz all ingredients (eggs, fried rice, chic floss & mayo) are the boys & our favourites!!
Huby acknowledged the good taste this time........hahaha (by saying: "emm, yau chun pou" / improving)

Above was for my bento, the head & tail of the egg roll go to me. 2 pcs of nuggets with chillie sauce in lilo container. 2 pack of gummy sweet to fill the gap!!


Next is another bento of mine.........

I still had some veggies in the fridge on its' way going rotten soon. Besides that, there were also stash rice, sausages & crab sticks waiting to be cleared..... so obviously & unfortunately it was the mummy that always need to clear them.........sigh !!! Gone are the days where dady was the 'bandaraya' / rubbish bin clearing left overs......

Left : my favourite steam lettuce with fried garlic & oyster sauce.

Right top : 3 pcs of sausages with shaped carrot slices on top.

Right bottom left : 2 tiny ball rice (hem...hem...so little hor but i was actually punishing myself for 2 meals of nasi lemak the day before.....hehehe)
Right bottom right : fried sliced crab sticks

Have a great weekend !!


Annie Q said...

Jacss, that rice sushi look really really nice, but so much work to prepare. I salute u got the time to do all this. Normally u wake up early to prepare all the food, from goreng goreng to heat up the food?? Wish i got your patience then i can start bring my own bento to work.

Rjoc said...

Your Friday Bento looks very good. you might have to seek advice from Angus but the trick is when doing souffles or similar is to lift the pan off the stove and with a flick of the wrist you spin the souffle and catch it in the pan with the cooked side now up. Needs a bit of skill else it lands on the floor. It has to be already cooked and a bit solid so it will stay together. They do something similar with the pizzas bases when rolling them out before cooking them. The experts make it look simple.

renet13 said...

All i can say is "thumbs up again". U never fail to amaze me with your bentos!

wen said...

luckily lou gong was there... i shd try this one day...looks good

jacss said...

tq annie...while it does took a lil effort to get done, u also get to reap d rewards! i'm sure u also can do it, if only u r prepared mentally!!
like i told u...i never do my bento in d morning, all were done in d night before as my morning is just too rush! usually morning only involves re-heating or steaming + packing!! my journey to work is very long in d morning so i dun really wana stress myself out even bf starting to work.... :)

uncle, thou angus is good at food, dun think he's good at cooking too, hahaha
as for yr mention of d flick to spin d scoffle, Jin actually did told me abt d technique but he just doubt his own skills as lack of practice might land in disaster so he knew that he can't risked that....

thanks for yr never ending compliment irene!

i'll look forward to your try WEN!!

Irene said...

food oh good food!

Anggie's Journal said...

i like the egg rice sushi rolls, look so ho chiak, but seem difficult to do lei ... i m not good on this skill... i cant even do a good pancake.. haiiii... yah, i try the mix pancake flour liau ... its taste good, but doesnt look nice.... i dunt hv the skill to fried lei .. that y didnt blog abt it, pai-sheh only ... hihih

huisia said...

that sushi rice looks good! i wondered what time you needed to wake up for preparing all those foods..

slavemom said...

Ur sausage flower vy pretty leh.
hahaha 4 hands to fry an egg. Vy 'tai kong cheng' hor. :) I'm sure it was vy good, got compliment from lou kong samo (in cloud 9 eh?)
I used to like snow skin mooncakes n omochi but dunno y the preference changed lately. Din eat any snow skins this yr.

LZmommy said...

Simply love looking at your bento posts! How I wish I can post so many at one time but don't have the time :p

That was a great idea to do the egg rolls. Hope I have time to try it out :)

HN said...

Your egg rolls looks amazing! I did something similar but I just roll the eggs with blanched spinach and crab stick ... Yours definitely looks much better :P

My 'terrible' looking egg rolls is here: http://lybil1.free.fr/gallery/index.php/fid_2436

jacss said...

anggie: it's ok....nvrmind, u just focus on yr cupcake baking & show us coz i love seeing them!!

no need to wonder huisia, let me reveal it..i don't do my bento in d morning. i did it the night before so morning only involved re-heating/steaming+packing!

ginie: tai kung cheng hor....tsk tsk tsk!! i hope i can change my taste not to like d snowskin mooncake...then i can hv a chance to be as sliiiim as u lor...haha

tq, lzmommy! hope u can try it one day & show us....

hn: i already took a peek at yr egg roll & they were not 'terrible' at all.... yrs r more suitable for yr little toddler boy!!

Hijackqueen said...

I always wanted to make the egg roll sushi but was so lazy to cook anything using oil in the morning. It makes my clothes and hair smell. kekeke. I bought the premade souffles. The rest is history now. hahaha!

JO-N said...

Tell me, tell me, where to get the animal pasta???