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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bento week # 15 - Wed & Thurs

It was days filled with bread and more bread....
I am not a bread person so on a usual account, it's very unlikely that i will make bread for the boys except when i'm in a lazy mood.... lazy to lit up the stove, lazy to lay my hands on veggies/meat.....zzzzzz !!

Bread with loads of LUV...

Cut out a heart shape and apply it with peanut butter & a slice of cheese (see below).

Then the square bread is left with a hole in heart shape! I dipped this whole slice of bread into the egg mix before frying it on a lightly greese pan. Then spooned more eggs onto the hole & bring it to cook. Turn it over to fry the other side slightly until brown.

So, now they have 2 flavours of bread:

- one is peanut butter & cheese &

- one resemble french toast !

In the little container was tomato sauce for the egg bread! And the kinder chocolate spoon was just nice the size to do scooping from the little container.

Recently, i bumped into this product from GLAD's range. It was paper rainbow bags which can be write-on and the more fun part is it came with varieties of stickers!!

Thought, it would be fun if u could write a little sweet message for them! But mine could not really read yet so i better kept it simple & short, else if i write all those lovey dovey message, 'nanti' the teacher also 'beh tahan'......


Here is a dinner left over for my bento, courtesy of mom of course.......

Top left was Yam, while it does not look very appealing, but i like the taste so much. Next to it was chicken cooked taufu skin, fungus & ginger (a very typical chinese dish....). A simple one suffice to fill my stomach !!!



Again, was lazy also so am going to make do with bread.......this time,

Hot Dog bun pizza !!

1) Apply generous layer of olive butter;

2) Lay finely grated garlic;

3) Sprinkle the chopped sausages & crabsticks;

4) Sprinkle pepper, parsley flakes & cheese;

5) Toast to brown.

A little too brown though...........

It not only became the boys & my bentos, the boys couldn't stop munching them that night, served them supper !! Guess, they like the garlic smell.........

I was barely left with only 3 pieces..........

Another day to go for this week......i'm wondering what to do for Friday!! It'll be for the boys only coz Irene-zekerene already 'ajak' me for lunch & parkson-bonuslink members' day!!


shoppingmum said...

I want a piece of that hot dog bread! :P

Mummy to QiQi said...

Jacss, saw all your posting sekali gus. Must say u are really creative in creating nice food ler...make me "lau hau sui" oni!!!

allthingspurple said...

Bento marathon,ar, Jacss? haha.

I also want that rainbow zipper bag !!!

And this coming from environmentally eco-friendly me, who cloth diapered. cloth wipes babies, breast fed and carry baby in slings, and send plastic to recycle containers !! haha.

but still want it. haha.

Anggie's Journal said...

U so hardworking to prepared all this bento.... good job!!

Wonderful Life said...

Waaa... looks yummy!!

Thanks for sharing the hot dog bread. I'll try this recipe one day/... hehe

slavemom said...

Lazy? But the bread u made oso a lot of work leh. Really 'phui fook' u lah. I thot lazy means do normal sandwich. For me, I'd just spread some butter/jam. That's it. :p

slavemom said...

Oops! Forgot to add... U've been nominated! Come chk out ur awards.

wen said...

wah! been very creative!!! did u boys put on weight these few weeks?
like the hot dog bread!

Annie Q said...

the hot dog bread look so good, like pizza. Will 'steal" your idea for future preparation for Bento food. :)

Jacss said...

shoppingmum: if u fly back, i'll give u not just a piece but a dozen also no problem.....hehehe

cnee: yakah cnee, tq tq...thk god for d energy!!

hey chris: those bags are not zipper type leh...normal colour bag which is able to write-on only!
wuah...u r such an envrmtal enthusiast ahh?? good !!!

wonderful life: hope u like d recipe...thks for d visit too!!

i agree wif u ginie, say only bread..but still so much 'fancy' works...sigh!! that's call addiction la....not very good!! shd keep things moderate so that d expectations won't reach d peak so fast !!
btw, sincerely thanks for d award... !

wen: put on weight...??? 'mou kam khua cheong la'....haha

tq annie: frankly, d hotdog pizza when serve warm & crispy is really 'yummy' lor...hope u will try & like it !!!

Irene said...

wah, just saw tis. should bring the hotdog bread for me lar. hahaha!

LZmommy said...

I wonder if S'pore has this rainbow bag, gonna check it out.

The hot dog pizza looks yummy!

Hijackqueen said...

The sticker can stick on cheese too? Is it edible? *what type of question is that, chis!*

jacss said...

ok irene, one day....one day, wait ah!!

lzmommy: i think if it's by GLAD, i'm spore also has it, check it out!

helo queen: those on d cheese r food separator la...i just put it on for decor only so that dun look so bland! some said these food separator has d effect of anti-bacteria...wonder how true thou!!

as for d sticker, it was for the sandwich plastic bag by GLAD... apala lu!!

Hijackqueen said...

You mean the 'tortoise' and 'fish' is not a sticker? It is a food separator? Adoi, how can I mistaken them as sticker. kakaka...

little prince's mummy said...

This is so sweet.. bread with love..

zara's mama said...

What cheese did you use?
Looks yummy woh.

Your bentos getting better.

At least your boys like it, not like Amah's boy.

Jacss said...

thks little prince's mummy...yes, with lots of LOVE!

agnes: this time around, i used the kraft slice cheese. if i hv mozarella cheese on hand, i would have use that instead!! i think my boys r still not 'big/old' enuf yet to reject bento....thank god!!