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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Take a look at the kiddos below........do u find them familiar????



Yes, that's 'leng' mummy Annie's little cruz & fearles.....look at the big round eyes, tsk tsk tsk, so jealous hor...!! fearles was a little sleepy then & very clingy to mumy, yes i have to agree with their mumy that this pair of twins are so different, ko-ko a bit 'si man' & shy type while di-di is a lil more explorer!!! Boy...These cuties might look like a little 'big boy' in photos but was rather unexpected to see them such babies in real.....haha !!!


And this is Amah's kieran with Sean....... ooops, sadly little kylie has been neglected by the boys during photography session....what to do, 5 against 1 wor.....!! But kids being kids, she was seen happily enjoying the boys' companion actually.....hehe

amah showing off the 'motherly' side of her.....hehe

Btw, after seeing the photo only i realised how 'BIG' my boys are....despite 2 years older, kieran looked very much the same age as mine, haha....

NO, of course i didn't kipnapped the kids, the mummies met last Saturday at SS2 for a dim sum lunch! Well, I reckoned it was the BENTO phenomenon that led to this meeting. It all started with that min 'siu cheh' from S'pore offered to sell some bento gears. My order was placed & the goods were passed to annie..... so that's how d meet-up was initiated.

That's how BENTO connects BLOGGER too, LOL !!!

It was a 'fun' chatting session with these 2 down to earth, easy-going & humourous mummies. We basically 'yak & yak' over everything under the sun!! I particularly like people who are naturally open, easy & willing to share as i've always like to be of this type ........nice meeting you guys & i shall look forward to more in d future...!!

Here are the penguin silicon cups all d way from s'pore....thks min & annie!

Then, how come so many other loots wan....??? Our meeting point was at 100 yen shop ......

"dang, sei loh.....buy more la, what else??"
At the sametime, i also bought the below Mickey airtight box from annie.

Next, i also found the quill eggs mould in 100yen shop....kudos for bringing it in, i think they must have begin to feel the heat of doing 'bento' here lately!! Well....RM4.90 for 2 pieces, what can i say....grab first la...

Can u guess what's the below item? I have absolutely no idea as there is not even a single word in english!! So i asked the sales person & my guess was correct, it was instant noodle!! My silly boys thought there is toy inside & kept pushing me to buy.....i gave in as i was curious too, haha!!

The boys can't keep the noodle any longer, they remembered i promised to cook it the next day!!

See below how cute ....... omg, isn't the japanese so brilliant ???!!

Those "round pieces thingy with pokemon character" actually resembled our fish cake, i tried eating one. But boy....don't u think there were just too cute to be eaten??

The boys went thrilled....woo woo & wah wah !!

And here is their SUNDAY's bento lunch at home.....

To compensate the guilt of serving them instant noodles & fried nuggets, i shoved in 2 pieces of cherry tomatos, brocoli, home-made fried wantan & some pear in the penguin silicon cup!! The boys were reluctant to eat the tomatos initially but I threatened & bribed that if they don't eat them, i'll never buy the pokemon maggi mee again, hahaha & d bribes worked, thou there's no promise that mumy will honour it.....so bad !!

Finally, here is another baking practice during the weekend.

" Cranberries Soft cheesecake "

It doesn't looked very appealing but taste wise, it was ok to me but surprisingly my boys like it. Huby said the texture was not soft enough, yet the boys like the mild cheesey flavour that went well with the cranberries sauce !!!

Being the usual 'blurie' me, i just came to know that my boys' kindy will be closed for the whole of next week. Wed & Thurs will be public holiday in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri and i believe many would be taking a whole week off but not me.

And i'd partially prepared the boys' tomorrow bento.....aikkk, again?? Nevermind, it'll be their breakfast at home.... And i'll be taking a rest on the kids' bento next week, thou i'll still do bento for myself !!!

For those not working, Happy holiday !!!


Irene said...

wahlao, cake lagi. got keep some for me tak. wahaha! got help me buy cute bento box or not at 100yen shop?

the noodles, the fishcakes, oni the japanese can do all tis lah. haha!

LittleLamb said...

wow...very good n creative la...

First time dropping by from Annieq blog...

Sean and Scot r handsome too :)

allthingspurple said...

wahhh..the pokemon one so cute wan, ar? I waslike turning up my nose on it , now seeing the fishcake, I want to get it .haha.

yea, Annie's boys really round big eyes. very goodlooking. but your 2 boys also very handsome wat !!!

aiyayayaya..everytime min's name pop up, I remember I have to collect my item from her. now to hop over to min's.haha

LZmommy said...

So nice to meet up with fellow bloggers :)

I like the cupnoodles! So cute!

wen said...

wah!! holiday oso cook! very good mother leh

Annie Q said...

Jacss!! Great to catch u with you and your two handsome the other day! Finally i got chance to meet your two princes! They are so cute and so look alike, but i still can differential who is who, geng lei! Because Scot got the cheeky look. hahhahaha

AH! I saw that mickey small container, i took, but after i saw the lilo and stich lunch box i put it back. How come i didnt see the instand noodles ger? Next time i must open my eye big big, and must go without my two sons. I so scare they will break the things at the 100 yen shop! That instand noodles look so cute! hahhahah

Really nice to meet u and your two boys!! Hope we have more chance to meet. Thanks for the coloring books and the sauce containers! Very kind and thoughtful of you.

Blur Angel said...

hhaha Min Siu CHeh is here! :) no worries! hope you like the penguin cups!

Hijackqueen said...

The instant noodle also cost Rm4.90? Super freaking $$$ but cute. hehe

khongfamily said...

First time seeing your photo, now I know how you look like..hehhe. 100 yen shop...hmmm..must go there to look see look see for bento stuff. Cheap or not??

slavemom said...

Hey, u've been vy bz lately meeting up with bloggers eh. ;) So nice hor to meet our virtual frens in person.
The instant noodles is a good bribe. Use it again next time u want them to eat some healthy food (which they don't normally take). It may not work forever but they can be tricked for awhile till u find a new thing to bribe. hehehe (this Aunty vy cunning hor :p)
Wah... the kindy's closed for the whole wk. XY's off from Wed - Fri. So what activities hv u planned for them during the wk?

shoppingmum said...

Who can resists those pokemon fishcake? So cute...

Sasha said...

WAHLAO food !!!!! I tot i went to the wrong blog cos i saw a few smilar pic then see properly, NGAM BLOG LA!

syiok la pergi shopping and makan makaning!

zara's mama said...

Wow.. the 'fish cake' from the noodle popped out to be pokemon? Really, only the Japanese can think of such things. :P

I can see all the mummies doing lots of bentos.

I also must start already. :P

1+2mom said...

Which 100 yen? I also go get it lor. Nice bento you make, love to see it :)

Jacss said...

well irene, by now u would have gotten enuf gears to start yr bento...all d way fr japan too, ehh!!

tq for d compliments littlelamb!

yes chris, i knew it would attracts bento addict like u, haha

wen: "pei chee pei chee" la....

my pleasure annie...for meeting you & yr boys too!! hope it will be a good start for another frenship!!

yes jessie, it was just too exp've...for another bowl!!

yes mrs.khong, finaly we met (virtually)...as d name denoted, 100yen shop means everything also 100yen OR RM4.90

yalor ginie: if not u said it here, i also didn't realised i've been busy meeting up wif bloggers lately...aduh!! anyway, like u said it was nice indeed!! i met irene again for lunch d oth day, hahaha
we went for a 2D 1N stay at bkt tinggi, the rest of d days, the boys just 'lepak' at home....

ya ngam blog sasha...so must be hopping fr annie's blog la! hope to see u too one day...

agnes: yes, only d jap is so skillful....& with yr skill, love & patience for yr kids, i'm sure u can do very good bento!!

thks sylvia, the 100yen shop is very near you....at SS2, same row with McD !!

huisia said...

i think i better go back to KL for holiday, at there just so much fun..:)