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Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Mid Autumn celebrationS........

How was your celebrations? It is obvious that this festival has became less important among the younger generations, and it is with sadness to say that, i even doubted myself if i would enforce the practise of this celebration to my children in the future!! So, now that i'm still able to enjoy every bits & pieces relating to celebration of this festival.....i'm more than delighted to welcome it before it becomes extinct one.....fine.....day !!

Same as prior year, we had a few rounds of celebration! One was a pot luck session at a friend's new home. Then it was Pesta Tanglung Muhibbah TMP2 organised by my mom's housing Resident Association. This year we saw another success just like the previous year. My family was the one that usually tagged along my parents to such event! It was a fun filled event organised by a bunch of loving & caring neighbourhoods!!

The fiesta was held at the park/playground of the housing area.

I reckoned that the run down of the events was a very considerable one. People from young to old get to entertain themselves.
The clown taking care of the children's needs....
The commitee members even organised many games with presents for the children!

The elderly were not spared. There were KARAOKE session (in which mom didn't missed in participating), QI-GONG as well as LINE DANCE performance !!
See the aunties below..........all 'goyang-gelek' their way out !!!
Lucky draws were the highlight of the event to keep the community stay through the party! And this year, the family was so lucky. Out of 5 tickets, 2 got strikes. Yeah, we got 2 gifts.....
Some were personally sponsored by the community members.....so nice of them! The commitees even invited a bunch of kids from the orphanage house to join in the celebration, where each orphan was given a 'tanglung'/lantern & a gift !!!
mom receiving the lucky draw gift.......

Happy mom & youngest sis....

Both gifts are the same.........guess what it is???

Well, i must say: hey, they must have known what i've been into much.... lately!!! Yeah, it was a giant food container........so good for a party/pot-luck bento....hehehe !! Both mom & I had one each.

The event ended with a firework performance...........yes, u heard it right!! They even had d budget for a simple fireworks......i'm impressed !!

more photos here


The next day, Sunday was the actual Mid Autumn Day where we had a 'makan-makan' session at mom's house. Mom had a prayer session earlier on after which, she would cooked the family a dinner with dishes that filled up the dining table!!

guess, this would be the sight of the dining table of a typical chinese family during....any celebration!!

~~~ chicken, duck, roast pork, fish, mushroom chicken feet, veggies, prawns & soup ~~~

I also didn't forget to show-off my newly picked up skills.........

since my cookings are no way near mom's, i chose dessert as my offerings as i know my mom knows nuts about it.......hahaha

fruit jellies (added nectarine & strawberies cubes into konyaku jellies)

I also did the mango swiss roll in the afternoon at home & brought a few pieces over to check out my market........hahaha,

dad knew that i'm looking for guinea pigs;

mom said she was 'full' seeing my cakes / "tai tou chau pau chor";

mag, 4th sis got conned by me believing that i bought it;

youngest sis kept reported that my jellies was such a hit .... nice & chewy!!

but overall the cake was a bit too stiff as usual, will try to make it more spongy next time around !!!

After enough of torturing the stomachs, we decided to have a lantern & candle playing session. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't a favourable one. The session only lasted for a short while before it began to drizzle! So, the family catched up with the TV instead..... while savouring my desserts !!!


The boys were given the permission to explore 'fire'....

A festival that was memorable......



Irene said...

wahhhh... look at those yummy home cooked food. i miss those times man, i only get to eat like this during CNY leh... envy you :)

Jacss said...

eh, what u doing huh at such hour, still don't sleep...hahaha, am telling to myself !!
arghh, anyway...my final sentence now...** yawning **

wen said...

so much good food in ur blog lately ah? i like the gifts too!

Annie Q said...

WOW!! That jellies do look very good and yummy! Next time u make some for me when i see u ya..hahahhahahaha

Hey, my sons also got that spider man lanterns!! hahahahah

jacss said...

yalor wen...dun know how to stop leh, sei mou !!!

no problem annie....the day will comes! alamak... taste also same for twins???

LZmommy said...

Such a wonderful time you had for the festival! :)

I should learn from you, make effort to celebrate it or it will be extinct.

slavemom said...

Ur mom's neighbourhood vy 'yit lau' leh. And they really put in a lot of effort for the event. U're so lucky - got the big container from the lucky draw.
Ur fruit jellies look vy nice (and proven nice too). Mango swiss roll... yummy! I dun mind being ur guinea pig. :)