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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bento week # 12

My boys are no-easy-to-satisfy type..... they are fussy & cool.....just like their dad !! So it's kinda hard to expect a very excited expression from them on my bento work unless like the below one!
I colored the quill egg but didn't wait until it really dry up before drawing the eyes & lip, that's why they look faded...... Even then, the boys burst into a laugh upon me showing them, which was priceless to me...... so it must be cute!! It was meant to be a light bento snack.
Accompanying the smiley egg are:
sausage flower (this time it was quill egg i used so shouldn't be anymore flaw) and
banana on picks!!

The next one also managed to steal smiles from the boys!

Left square container contained : sandwich of 4 layers of cheese & ham alternating each other.

Fruits : nectarine on picks

Chocolate Finger Biscuits on pink container.

Scot even reported that the cheese+ham sandwich was very tasty though Sean thought otherwise. So Scot has finished Sean's sandwich too...........phew!!


Christene shared a tip on what to do with leftover bento foot cut outs! Boy...I was impressed with the outcome of it...... that despite not having much leftovers, i went ahead to create some........ thks chris !!

Basically, all i did was dumped everything in the aluminium tray/cup, add milk & eggs before baking them in the oven!
Here are the outcomes.....

Bread pudding was one of my bento!


Bread pudding on cup .... one for each boy!

Bread pudding went into the bento box.....

Guess what's on the food pick?
sausage~zuchini cube~woh lai yeh 'yuk kon'/bbq dried meat~zuchini cube!!
The boys love this coz they love d bbq dried meat thou a bad food.....
More shaped cheese+ham MINI sandwich in the square container!


NEXT are mummy's bentos....
It was nearly a vegetarian bentos for the whole of past week!! It feels good eating greens & thank god i had no problem with that !!
In the round box : Mix veggies steam tofu.
On the right : veggie maki with sausage & zuchini slices

I love this dish so much. First of all on the night before, i cut 1 piece of japanese tofu laying onto a steamer plate, then place some green sweet peas (for green) & cherry tomatos (to create some sour taste). Sprinkled some chili 'padi' then set aside in the fridge.
Next i made some sauce for steaming, set in a separate bowl : few table spoons of soba noodle soup base + pepper + pinch of brown sugar + parsley flakes.
Next morning, just pour the sauce onto the tofu dish & steam for 5-8 minutes. The outcome was an appetizing " SOUR, SWEET, HOOOOOOT & SPICY " tofu....!!
Here is another veggies dish!
Recently I chanced upon that soba soup base (below) can actually be a great company to many dishes in my cooking!! And i started to use it to replace soya sauce at times. It gives great taste to the dish without relying on the use of salt & soya sauce!!

I've bought quite a number of greenies and after realising that if i were to stir fried them, it wouldn't make a good bento food! So, veggies soup was the only menu on my mind....

I only used the noodle soup base + water + pepper + few drops of sesame oil which was brought to boil before dumping in all the greenies....was trying to finish the stocks (lettuce, sawi, sweet peas, zuchini & carrot)


After the soup was cooked. I separated the veggies from the soup for packing as i didn't want to soak the veggies in the soup over night. The next day in the office, i only heat up the soup in the microwave oven without heating the veggies (to avoid over cook). Then just pour the hot soup over the veggies and the dish balanced up just nice to be served with rice !!


After eating veggies for few days, it was time to take a break! Coincidently i had earlier agreed on a lunch appointment with irene who also works around klcc. In less than 2 hours after our lunch, this efficient mummy already blogged about our lunch session....fuyoh !!!

Hope everyone have a great mid autumn celebration tomorrow !!



Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Bread pudding looks yummie!

allthingspurple said...

Pleasure is all mine Jacss.

I like the smiley faces on all the boys bento of the week. They are all packed with so much love!!

and your soba idea to cook soup with is a great idea!!

wen said...

i like the smiley faces. did u use a food pen on it? u r very patient with it eh. bread pudding, dont know if my kids will like it or not, then later dont like, i will be the one who finish eating it! no la, diet ler..keke

renet13 said...

Wow..fabulous creation..I can never stop admiring your creative bento decorating effort. My kids will appreciate me sooo much if I have the skill to do that for them. Applause applause!!! I like that flower sausage!

khongfamily said...

Lovely bentos! Love the smiley creation on the quail egg.

Jacss said...

thanks pearly!

yeah chris, and lots of sweat too...

yes wen, i used edible food pen... quite easy wan la...
wuah, u also need to diet ka, tsk tsk tsk

tq irene, your kids r waiting for u to start...come on!!

Annie Q said...

use leftover bento food cut out to do bread pudding? WOW!!!!
Jacss, i really salute u can do so much things! cooking and baking and do bentos!!!! tsk tsk tsk!!

slavemom said...

The gingerbread man sandwich is vy cute. And sure vy tasty leh - 4 layers of cheese+ham. How come Sean doesn't like them? Luckily Scot can help to finish his share.
The bread pudding is a great idea. I've always wondered wat u guys do with the left-over bread. With this, the left-over can oso be part of the bento.
Ur vegetarian dishes r vy healthy. If u eat healthy meals like this a few times a wk, vy good leh.