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Monday, September 1, 2008

Bento week # 10

Hello folks, thank u for all happy wishes............yes, i'm back, unfortunately bringing back at least an additional kilo or two in weight.....sigh....., how sad but true!!!

Hahaha.....christene reminded me not to forget a post on my food PORNOGRAPHY, what a term but i like it !!!
But gotta wait a little while coz as usual it is always the "homework" that needs to be prioritized yeah!!

Here are my BENTOs homework:
It is bad & sad to say that my boys love 'maggi' mee so much be it in soup or dry! Even when we eat noodle soup (ch'ng thong) outside, they would asked for this type of noodle!! If not that we prohibit them from eating it, they wouldn't mind eating it every meal........i think!! scary....

So it's very rare that this would be included into their meal plan.........but since that night, i already fried this for our simple dinner, i thought it would be an answer to their bento the next day.....lazy bug bites!! So i prepared a little more for their lunch box.
Left: fried maggi mee
Right: steam sweet corn, a piece of sago jelly & 2 pcs of Milo nugget chocolate !!


During the past weekend, i had freeze some extra sweet french toast. It was an easy preparation, just heat them up in the morning and there was some peanut butter sauce in the monkey container to spread on the toast! Yes, i've got the cute container too BUT was rather dissapointed that it was sooooooooo small in size, aduh....!! Then, an extra sausage pan-fried into the shape of 'flower' !! Kiwi fruit slice at the bottom.


On Tuesday nite, i greeted the boys after work & both of them suddenly yearn to eat sausage bun. It could be just a craving on that night but i also asked them if they would like to have it for the next day's bento where they obviously said YES! So mumy was so happy as it means my work would be easy...

Just cut the sausage bun into 2, shaped some cheese slice onto the bun & cut some kiwi as fruits!

But the whole box came back "intact"......yes, absolutely untouched, the maid said! I was kinda so so mad & dissapointed. Kept asking why would they allow the food to go wasted like that!! The fact that the 'big potato' maid left the box in the bag UNTOUCHED too really got onto my nerve!! By the time i questioned her, it was already 6pm plus. When the boy heard me asking about the sausage bun, they ran to their bag to get them wanting to eat!! I frantically 'yelled' at the potato telling her off why in the world the food was still kept in the bag?? I questioned her: didn't she knew that the food was bought last night, heated up that morning & by 6pm, it would have already been 12 hours & the food would have been spoilt & cause food poisoning!! Arghhh.... i must have forgotten how 'dumb' this type of people could be, wasting my gas only!! Not only the potato got me into scolding her left & right.....i even went to the extend of telling off my mom for being careless in overlooking little issue like this!!!

But my mom said i must have been "kuai seong san & fart tin chor" / "possessed" for acted like a crazy woman.......hahaha, can u imagine how furious i had been??

But after my boiling blood cooled down, i gave a good lecture to the potato maid again on the handling of the bento food!!!


The next day, mumy got very "siu hei"..........threw tantrum & didn't want to do any bento for the boys so like it or not, they just got to eat whatever snack the school prepared!!

Only fruit bento..........


Next are MUMMY's bento for the week!!

Left : nasi briyani on top, buffalo chicken wings at the bottom

Right : jelly & cherry tomatoes on top, mix veggies at the bottom (i like the balance of the colours)


Below was a soba mee bento.

Variations i made was to add some "siu pak choy" & again lotus root veggies. On the right was some seaweed!


Final bento was mom's delicious curry chicken to serve with nasi briyani & "siu pak choy".

Fruits : cherry & kiwi fruit....yum yum!!


Ooh ya....here are just a quick updates on some interesting loots dady brought back from his Bangkok trip on Wed' night!!

No more toys to spoil them but 2 pieces of cute T's: Bei Bei in conjunction with the recent Olympic heat wave & Kungfu Panda too........

AS for me..........he just knew what to get !!!!

i mentioned to him about the 'telephone brand' jelly powder from Thailand and ........haha, now i got more homework to do !!!

So as a treat to him that night, here is the supper i made in receiving his return !!!

Blueberry pre-mix flour, turned out so delicious when it was served HOT!

Actually, the above prep. was for my parents. I heated up the balance of cupcakes the next morning & quickly squeeze some icing on top!! Mom reported that it was 'good'.....and even asked if i bought them, hahaha.....u never know how valuable that comment was when it came from my mom!!!

I even had some put into the box to office & treated my colleague too......

It certainly felt good when the outcome was improving..........


Annie Q said...

hahahahhahahha, jacss u're so funny!! i just cannot stop laughing at what your mum make the comment on how angry u're!! Because i like that too!!!!!! LOL

Any special about that jelly powder from thailand? more tasty?

maggee goreng, i like that too!

slavemom said...

Wah... dun play play with this furious woman. Even ur mom's not spared from the bullets. :p But I can u/std ur frustration with the 'potato'. Seriously, they're not really aware of hygiene issues so we've gotta teach them one.
Jelly powder oso must import ah? Y so special?

Rjoc said...

Poor Jacss, a kilo or two heavier after that short trip (Hahaha) then you scold your poor mother and you spit the dummy and don't make Bento for the boys one day.
Did Jin had to dive for cover also to keep out of your way and so not receive your barbs.

JO-N said...

When one is angry, one can do anything or say anything. Breathe in, breathe out, relax!!

BTW, are you using paper cup or plastic cup for food in your bento?

LZmommy said...

Mommy cool down ok :) Thank goodness you found out in time, otherwise your boys would be eating those food.

Like the way you use cantonese to describe :) And I like the bentos that you prepared for yourself, very colourful :)

shoppingmum said...

Alamak, I stay in Bangkok but never see that jelly pack. :P
But I will go look for it and try to make sago jelly!!!

Jacss said...

aiseh annie: u also can be that 'seow' like me hor!!
actually i dun hv any special reason getting that jelly powder but i saw it from someone's blog who recommended it and her jellies were so so so nice....

ginie: too bad i also forgot where i saw those beautiful jellies who recommend these jelly powder wan..
hai...wasting energy talk'g abt d potato!!

LOL...hahaha uncB, sounds like a woman having menapause heh!! Yes, it was obvious that Jin kept his mouth shut...hahaha

Jo: i usually used silicon cup on my bento thou i do have paper cup which i will use for baking!

Very true lzmommy, i can't imagine the boys swallowing those food if i wasn't there.....sigh!!

shoppingmum, like i said to u, didn't know that u now reside in bangkok! give it a try on it & let us know...