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Friday, August 29, 2008

It's a long weekend.....Happy Merdeka Malaysia !!!

We all have an extra day off on Monday so the family got itchy....cannot sit at home! Mind has been thinking where to go..........then the filial son thought of his kampung, guess kind of missed home kua.... ???!!! So a phone call was made to his dad back home....hinting an intention to go back which obviously triggered the excitement in his old dad!!!! The intention lasted for a while only to have it changed by huby!! He said as we need to make another trip back again in Nov-08 for a cousin's wedding, so maybe we should postpone this???
So when huby conveyed the message to his dad, he sensed that his old dad was very upset as he claimed the grandpa wanted to see the twins so much.......
Unfortunately, the filial son got touched & melted by his dad's reaction, hence the soft hearted side in him override whatever decisions made earlier...... and so this trip is ON !!
Will be departing this afternoon and will be putting up a nite in Penang basically for food & will let the twins visit the cousins there too for a few rounds of 'fight'.....haha

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan !!
Happy Holiday to all too....


Annie Q said...

Selamat Merdeka to u & ur two handsome boys too!!
Have a safe journey back and have fun! Njoy your makan makan trip.

Rjoc said...

I am sure that you wanted to go back just to check out the food markets there and in Penang. Plus to see how the in laws are surviving as it has been a while since you were there!

huisia said...

Happy Merdeka! Have a smooth journey back home!

wen said...

wei penang ok ma, i dont mind going too..but unfortunately, my hubby's kampung very boring and small one..hehe
good hubby, good son to his dad and next time ur kids will be filial to both of u too!

slavemom said...

Must hv reached Pg by now yeah. Hv a good hol! Selamat Hari Merdeka! N happy pigging out in Pg!

allthingspurple said...

have a gurreat time feasting on the fabulous food in Penang. Dont forget to post your food pornography for us to see when you get back.

LZmommy said...

Happy Holiday! Have fun! :)