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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bento week # 9

It was like a task unaccomplished if i didn't put up a post during the week end....... certainly not feeling good & it can somehow bother the mind (thou a very mild one).... "now, saying that blog is not stressing" may not be exactly true also !!!

Anyhow, it's just my way to babble it out......as i strongly believe that i will get over with this feeling very soon !!

It's raining very heavy now & i'm just gonna get this post fix up very quickly coz my head is a little heavy this afternoon.....wonder if i'd over worked or what??!!

Some more tomorrow school starts again & huby needs to travel for 3 days.......sigh !!

It is sure gonna be a bad blue Monday......

Below was a snack bento for the boys when they attended their art class on Wednesday during the past school holiday!
- a stick of fried meat balls
- in the pink container are some pancakes & in the blue kitty bag are crackers, both to be dipped with honey, hershey chocolate rice & peanut butter sauce!!

Below another breakfast bento for the boys at home. Dady took care of them at home when attended to an electrical contractor fixing a new wall fan in the kitchen!
"smiley face" burger (it was fish fillet & cheese), mixture of grapes & peach cube & danish cheese stick!

This bento was prepared on Monday as the octopus are suppose to be finished up first!
Octopus sushi, grapes & cheese cube!
The boys ate this with grandma & my mom got worried seeing what they ate early in the morning coz mom wasn't keen seeing d octopus & afraid that i would poison their little stomach!!


Here are mummy's bento :

(1) On the right: Pork patties in between zuchinni slice & cherry tomatos.

On the left: all the greenies....

At the bottom: salad

(2) On the left: Bitter guard stuffed with meat

At the bottom: "Fu chuk" stuffed with meat served with brocolli, sweet pea, tomatoes & carrots

(3) Fruits=grapes & peach

Same veggies again....

and chicken cooked with "muk yee" & ginger (pic further below)

Oooh btw, if you think the main dishes (chicken, pork fillet, stuffed bitter guard/fu chuk & etc) in all my bentos above looked nice......... they were all courtesy of mom actually. I only added the side dishes (salad, veggies & fruits).

" mom, man sui, man sui, man man sui ehh " !!!


Rjoc said...

Good to see that you are now eating your greens Jacss. hahahah Did Daddy make the smiley face??
And you have now converted your Mother to make Bento now!! Wow.
No rain here (sigh) it has not rained for many months here though the southern states have been having wet weather and plenty of snow.

slavemom said...

When I saw the yong tau foo, I was wondering if u're so hardworking ah. Mana tau it's ur mom's contribution. hehehe
Ur boys r vy lucky lah... they eat crackers can dip so many things. Mine eat plain ones.
Hope everything goes smoothly while ur hubby's away.

allthingspurple said...

your boys are really living it up !! sushi with octopus!!

and lucky you to have your mom cook for you. Wish I have someone cook for me too leh!

so did the boys enjoy their art class? bet they do !

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ Ur photos really make me in real hunger!~
I think ur kids really loves the bento you prepared for them.. next time hv to learn from u.. :)

Jacss said...

yes uncle, i find that i like eating greens lately...
but nope mom only cooked dinner & i packed home some for my bento, so great heh!!

yalor ginie, i where got so rajin.
hahaha...so kesian la eat plain only!!

yes chris, gotta acknowledge i'm lucky having mom to cook for us. sigh...., the boys used to enjoy their art class for the past year but guess they got bored with it as they got older so they insisted to stop going for the class after Aug-08!

little price mummy: there many more bento seniors out there for u to learn....i'm still a beginner!!