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Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Family affairs ....

It was meant to be an ordinary & cozy saturday but what made it a busy & amused one instead??
A home cook dinner was the initial plan. As mom's diet was still under monitoring stage, she was excluded from our normal meal, so only dad will drop by our house for dinner. okay...only dad's coming, should be no stress, no tense.
Our menu for the night:

- nasi briyani
- fried drum stick
- squid stuff with glutinous rice

Here is the look of the nasi briyani packaging (given to us to try).

The outcome looks like this....

(a) I started to fry the drum sticks which i had the skin removed obviously for health reason. I was surprise that the coating flour not only tasted very good but also manage to give a golden crispy coating to the chicken......no regret trying it!

(b) And the squid dish was in charged by mr.heng, something that he has wanted to give a try long time ago....but only until this time, he made his very first attempt! So it was another trial & error session, absolutely no experience!!

Here are the progress:

I wasn't & am still not quite sure how long it takes for a chicken drum stick to be fully cooked under 'frying' method. Once they turned quite brown, i presumed they were cooked. So i quickly picked them up fearing that they would burnt !!

Then, mr.heng stuffed the glutinous rice into the squid & dry stewed them in the wok !! Both of us didn't bothered to try our cookings!!

A ring from the mobile phone was heard not long after. It was my 3rd sister(Mic) together with her MIL wanted to pay a visit to mom actually and mom told her that both dad & herself would be coming to my home for dinner! On our behalf, mom invited Mic family over to my place in which she agreed. Almost immediately mom rang me to 'CHECK' on my menu for the dinner! My reaction was like..........oh my gosh, errr, arhh, well......i thought it should be ok if i just added an extra dish i.e. bake bean eggs.....plus Mic will also buy a roasted duck over !!

Bake bean cooked with eggs (btw, i know this is children food......blek!!)

I even baked the below mushroom topped with minced chicken & cheese!

As for the main dish, we had initially 6 pieces of drumstick for each of us (huby, myself, the twins, grdpa & kakak) but now they needed to be shared among the guests (total 9 adults & 2 kids). So, obviously it would be wise to chop up the drumsticks for more share...........and that's when i discovered that my fried chickens were " NOT COOKED "..........oh boy, the bones inside were still reddish........, kakaka what a joke !! Suddenly, i became 'kelam-kabut' & 'kan cheong'/panic...... asked huby, how ah? how ah? He was also kinda ignorant & said he already warned me!! Arghh....don't care lar, i just threw them into the oven & roast it until real cooked this time!!

Then, i got huby to cut up the squids too and insisted that he tried the dish..........oh dear, it was the glutinous rice this time that was " NOT COOKED ".........alamak, kakakaka! I nearly choke on myself then.....& laughed my lungs out at him!! Anyway, he then threw the squids back into the pot for a simmer until they were cooked finally!! We both teased & laughed at each other, without the guests knowing what happened behind the scene, hehehe.....

Here are the spread of my menu which i suppose should be enough for the guests:

Mom arrived first & quickly checked on our "work". Her instant reaction was : "yau mou kau chor...... kei kau chai only" / such little food she meant! Mom worried that it would be embarassed if food was not enough. So she quickly ransacked my fridge & found 2 pcs of japanese cucumber & a plate of minced chicken meat (which was for my bento actually). Without even bothering to ask me, she already ordered 'kakak' to cut the cucumber, asked me to turn on the stove & started to fried the minced chicken. Here was the 'worried mom' in action.......

Ultimately, another dish was created...........at the very last minute, hai..... !!

Btw, come check out our fried chicken & squids......aren't they "looked" so delicious,

**wink wink** ???

I tell you, it can be damn stressful to be on a mission to serve a meal on the guests!!!

Well, how did the dinner eventually turned out? i'll just say: never be ignorant with the elderly's advice!! The food was all finished up........in other words, they were just sufficed !!! mom kambate!!


Btw, just a little update on mom after her recent sugery. Thanks for all the well wishes extended!! My mom is such a 'cow'/strong person that despite having 2 parts of her body 'cut-up', she only stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. She didn't seemed to have a bad time recovering or maybe she's hiding her 'pain' from us, i don't know! Still needed to do dressing daily in the hospital and being the nanny she has to drag along my monkeys to the hospital until the boys became so popular among the nurses & staffs. Each day, they greeted the 2 'hansem' (that's what they called them) happily!! For the first 2 days of recovery after discharge, mom was forbidden from cooking us dinner so this was the sight of the dining table after work!!

Luckily, from 3rd day onwards, mom couldn't take the sight of us swallowing outside food anymore. Despite only simple dinner she cooked, at least we were all spared from 'ajinomoto' !! Life for mom was kind of back to normal now, just that she still need to go soft & slow with her movement.......and diet still under control !!

....End of my family tales....


LZmommy said...

Next time when I visit your blog, I make sure I have a full stomach :) I always feels hungry looking at your food photos.

Kudos to your Mom :) She is a strong woman and may she recovers soon.

Sasha said...

Eh not bad la.. can cook so many things and most impt its edible. hehehhehe

Eh i noticed our moms all like bull eh. I think they took less msg than us. Why we so lembik wan? hahha

Annie Q said...

Fried Chickens and Squids do look delicious. :)
Yea, can see from the picture,ur mum look strong and still can cook, good to hear that.

allthingspurple said...

wah..last minute also can come up with a apread. Your mum expectation so high wan, ar? ha ha. My MIL and mom is also lidat. Food on the table must be oversupplied wan. ha ha.

I want your squid recipe leh !!

"hansem" is very aptly named. Your boys has such goodlooking features !! after all, with their mum so goodlooking, can't go wrong. hee hee.

wen said...

u hv a good mom, she saved u!! haha!! i wld cook more if i hv kakak..

slavemom said...

The fried chic n squid look delicious leh. The process not as important as the end result (food all finished means good lah).
I'm oso vy tension when preparing meals for guests, even tho they're close family mbrs. Will surely avoid cooking something new. :)
Yes, ur mom's one tough lady! Vy happy to hear that she's recovering well.

huisia said...

i also hate to fry drumstick, really hard to make it fully cooked! squid stuff with glutinous rice, wow, sounds so yummy, must try must try..

Jaanvi said...

hmmm good meal.. :)
and ur sones Sean and Scott are sweethearts....

U.Lee said...

Wow! You're a real gourmet cook and your dishes look so mouth watering delicious.
Have fun cooking, best regards, Lee.

jacss said...

hey lzmommy...dun mention, paiseh edi, that was just a coincidence success. thks for yr well wishes!

u r right sasha, woman of older generation r certainly strongly than us.....shame shame!!

yes annie, no doubt looks good but .... tipunya!! haha

christene: my huby marinated d squids using our only sauces (i.e. terriyaki) & other usual spices (pepper, oyster, soya sauce, sugar).
-before pan fried d squid, stuff d cooked glutinous rice into d squid body.
-finally, to ensure d dish r fully cooked, he had d stuffed squids simmer in a pot with diluted teriyaki stock!
hope u can cook up a tasty one...haha

haha wen, yes my mom saved me...that's what my uncle said too!!

u r right genie, if we had known earlier that they will be coming, we wouldn't hv consider cooking d squid in d first place...haha

ya huisia, but drumstick is so nice...no choice must cook also!!

jaanvi: thanks for dropping by my blog & leave me a comment. yr little boy looks very handsome & fair too...

hi uncle lee, thanks for visiting & leaving a comment. nope, i'm not at all a gourmet cook...shy shy
still exploring & i surely had fun!
keep in touch!

JO-N said...

Jacss, when there is a gathering for us next time, we will be sure to ask you to cook. I think Ginie and I cannot be expected to cook.

Recipes for chicken and squids?

U.Lee said...

Hi Jaccs, I was looking and admiring your other blog....which one is you? All the ladies are really attractive....
Have a great weekend, Lee.

jacss said...

Ooh JO, dun give me such pressure lar......

uncLee: i know who u were admiring...guess there was only 1 pretty lady & unfortunately that shd be my 4th sister(maggie)!!
i set up d blog for Mag but she is just too lazy to update it..
i was not often spotted in this blog, maybe my blog yes, a couple of them....btw, i dun look d same as Mag.....sigh!!