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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bento Week # 8

To make my weekly bento preparation easier as well as to lengthen the bento journey, i need to have the menu suited for both the boys & myself!! I definitely didn't want to burden myself with preparing 2 different meals given such hectic life. Quite a challenge i would say.... but somehow, i just couldn't figure out what gave me 'that' feelings of satisfaction & achievement !!!

Anyway, i am now also into considering keeping dinner's left over for the next day bento lunch! I mean it's not that bad an idea afterall, mom only cooked it the night before so it would certainly lessen my burden in one way or another! In one of those lucky day when my bento was taken care by the left over, i'll just have to come out with something simple for the boys !!

Check it out..........

Top left little container consist of rice (small quantum of carbo) with spices to go along.

Top right was left over steam minced pork with egg served with cherry tomato & lettuce.

Bottom right was left over potatoes anchovies cooked in oyster sauce.

Fruits were sugar plum & little cheese cube for snack.........erggg + burppp !!

Another similar bento with the same minced pork, 2 pieces of Ajitsuke Inari (sweet bean curd skin) stuffed with green pea rice!!

In the left little container was 2 pieces of ..........supposingly 'siew mai' prepared in stash over the weekend to go with some mayo sauce !! But guess the skill wasn't there yet......haha


Once the left over has finished, a simple bento made up my lunch. 2 more pieces of stuffed taufu skin, this time only with rice & grated carrots!! Veggies were steamed brocollie & sweet peas. Lettuce salad with baby tomatoes, sautanas & thousand island sauce in d yellow container. Another sugar plum to finish & to fill up d stomach!!


Usually, i will made some extra meat balls / patties for the week's protein as it was an easier yet delicious choice so it won't go wrong!! Some extra meat were used to make the stuffed mushrooms too!


Next are for the boys.............

This wasn't a healthy one i know : 2 pcs of sausages, 1 pc of meatball on the star shaped rice, 1 slice of snow skin moon cake (yeah, so early heh...), slices of peach & tomato sauce in the little container!


2 pieces of cheese & ham roll, 1 pc of 'siew mai' with mayo for dipping. In d silicon cup was half kiwi & few slices of sugar plums.


Seen above: half pc of whole meal apple bun, steam brocolli & 2 cube of sausages. In d silicon cup consists of BAKED rice+chicken floss+mozarella cheese top with a pc of star-ham!!


Below are snack days:

The plastic scoop (spoon/knife) was purposely meant to make d kiwi fruit eating session a FUN one....know my boys well!!

P/S : I gotta knock myself hard....last saturday i tired myself out by making quite a few dishes into the freezer for the week ahead WITHOUT realising it was the week of school HOLIDAY..... arghhh........boo to myself !! "Cried" & show my grumpy face to huby in d hope that he would offer to help me finish the bento stash but his response was :

you finish them all lar !!

%^&#@ ***cilaka*** %^$#@


LZmommy said...

It happened to me before, I did all the marketing then I realised she has no school for the next few days.

I'm sure once you packed it for your hubby, he will have no choice but to finish it ;p

Annie Q said...

hahahhahah..pls sent it to me, i can finish it for you. ;) Will e mail u my add ya. LOL

wen said...

wah, a lot of ka chang eh..hehe

slavemom said...

I notice u prep broccoli quite often. I presume this is one of the boys fav vege?
Since u've edi prepared the dishes, jes let them bring over to ur parents' plc loh. So ur mom can skip cooking a few meals for them. At the same time, can show off ur bento-ing talent to her. hahaha

Rjoc said...

So if we manage to visit you at the end of the year we can expect some Bento??? After all I have been reading about it now for a while so it is time we tasted it. Hahahha.
Has your mother tried your Bento yet?

Rachel said...

eating bento food is always healthier than those hawker food..even when its over-night stuff.