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Sunday, August 24, 2008

MORE Cooking.....Baking.....and cooking !!

Hey, here are more works from this cupcakes newbie!! This attempt was nothing to hoo about as i only used pre-mixed cake flour so there shouldn't be any mistakes with the cake. I just wana play around with the decor part........haha, like playing masak-masak lidat !!! It was fun this round as the boys also helped me with the design & also placing of the chocs chips!! And it served us supper that night.....which is no good!!

My verdict: still looked very cartoon.........more practice to come !!

Btw, the above bake was during one of the weekday's night and during weekend, below was another try! It was meant to be chocolate mousse cake but obviously didn't really turned out as desired !! You see la...........before even can "walk steadily", i already wana "run" (simple cake also can't master, wana do mousse cake wor...)???

Here's a tales for you to laugh about..........
By the time it was done, it's was nearly 11pm & my old man was already obviously snoring away in the living hall!!! As i was excited over the bake, i woke him to give him a first bite over my mousse cake. He initially brushed aside my offer.
Only after i said "i made this mousse cake just for you la", then only he opened one side of his eye, sat up & opened his mouth (albeit reluctantly) as the guinea pig !! Munch.....and.....munch, he then commented : mousse cake ahh?? the chocolate top ok lar (fair enough as it was edible)..........then..........as he further commented, the bottom layer....what is it??? ........... rubber ahhh ??? alamak...... kik sei ngo la!!! Not believing him, i tried myself. Yes, it was indeed hard & bouncy!! I checked back the recipe & realised it was my own dumb cooking sense! As the recipe was written by one of the fellow blogger who might not be as detailed as the book writer, she only mentioned about the cake flour which i figured she must have expected a baker to understand that it would either mean pre-mix flour or if one is to use plain flour, the baking powder or the likes should be added along side which i obviously didn't do so. As I only BLINDLY followed........she said cake flour ma..........so i ma put plain cake flour lah........and it turned out 'rubber' loh !!!
But i wasn't about to give up. Since the chocolate mousse was edible, i immediately bake another sponge cake the following morning, separated the mousse layer & placed it on top of my freshly baked cake so the rest needless to say.....was already history, yum yum ok lah.......hahaha!!

what a baking tales, huh ??


Next is our home made pizza for lunch !

Similar to the baked cracker version, this version uses whole meal bread instead. I added ham & sausage slices on top of the white cream & tomato pasta sauces!! Great finger food!!


Saturday dinner was home-cooked.

My creative huby wanted to cook his creation of Japanese noodles!!

The idea came after fallen in love with a special 'soup' that my mom like to boil.
It was the "white carrot boiled with roast pork"/"pak lobak pou chue kuat thong"!!
Other important ingredients are red dates, dried scallop & dried 'hou si'/clam. Below was how it looks. The speciality about this soup was that the roast pork really managed to bring out a very strong & fragrant smell so much so that my boys could recognised this smell whenever my mom boiled this soup & my mom always happily told me how excited the boys could be when she boiled this!! My monkeys certainly has a taste bud similar to his dad.

Then by using this as the soup base, huby served it with the "Japanese soba mee" together with all other Japanese side dishes......check out below !!

Apart from the crab stick, steam fish cake & fried fish cake, i can't tell what were the rest so can't expect me to name them in japanese, ok!! And it was my dear lou kung that did the marketing of all these stuffs in Isetan before picking me up after work.........wuah, sound such a good man hor!!

With the super sweet & fragrant soup base, soft & smooth noodle...........arghh, u can imagine how much it suited all of our tastes!! Both mom & dad had big bowl of it until "liam-liam jui" !!

Finally, here is my dessert, just a far view of it as it wasn't very appealing to see the inner part.
Areas to improve on:

- reduce the barley quantity in the 1st layer
- to blend the corn before using it in the 2nd layer
- to eliminate the sago from the 3rd pandan layer

Once the above areas are 'worked on' properly, i believe this makes a very delicious & beautiful dessert !!!

Oooh my.....am i turning this into a food blog already??


Blur Angel said...

Yeah my mum loves to boil this Roasted pork soup with raddish too! :) i can "smell" it now!!! one bowl pls.....

LZmommy said...

The mousse cake looks alright to me :) Never mind la :) Practice makes perfect.

I do the same too, posting all my bakes all their blog :) So next time they know what they have been eating ;)

miche said...

ur cakes and dessert looks good. i love baking too but hubby still dont wanna buy me an oven. he scared to be the guinea pig!

Rjoc said...

Well at least you are game enough to post up those attempts which could be regarded as less than successful!! Full marks to you.
No harm in doing a food blog also Jacss hahahah

Mummy to QiQi said...

yur soup macam taste good ler!!! ppl say white carrot can help increase bm, i must cook tat soon.

slavemom said...

hahaha Ur lou kong is so 'kind'. Got woken up to be guinea pig and he din really make a big fuss. At least he was giving u a truthful comment. :)
Looks like ur hubby oso got infected with ur 'womanly' hobbies. hahaha

JO-N said...

Help, I can't bake!! It's so nice to have a passion in cooking and baking. At least you won't feel frustrated in the kitchen.

wen said...

a food-ful week eh

slavemom said...

Hello woman, here's an award for u. ;)

JPP Papa said...

Happy 5th Birthday to Sean and Scot.
May they keep smiling, healthy and cheerful always.

I love those roasted pork soup. Man, Im gonna ask wife to cook that.

This is the problem going to your blog, I can always feel hungry after reading and watching all these yummilicious foods. So torturing :D

little prince's mummy said...

Looks so yummy~~~ hungry

jppmom said...

Gossh, just looking at yer food makes my saliva out..yum yum yum...man, now I am hungry..hubby plssss come fetch me soon..sooo hungry now :)

Anggie's Journal said...

wah,... ho chiak .... yah, mayb u can slowly have a food blog like many mummies does .... thanks for sharing.

Annie Q said...

WOW WOW WOW! Now i know, when i'm hungry i cannot come to your blog. All is food!!!!

That soup if add in some pepper, make it a bit hot, wulalalala, heaven!!

allthingspurple said...

huahh...all very delicious looking ! you totally spoil us with your food porn !!

wah ,u use the japanese fishcake ar, so expensive man !! I only use it for thekids' bento leh

huisia said...

wow wow wow...hungry hungry hungry now! your hubby is such a lovely man who even can cook :)

Sasha said...


allthingspurple said...

hey, there, I haven't forgot about you asking about how to go about with the leftovers for the bread pudding. I put it up here for you.


check it out !

Irene said...

so much food! and the dessert, looks yummy! got barley some more. nice :)

Jacss said...

ooh yeah Min, yr mom also boils the same soup ehh....now i know it's raddish, thanks!

u r right lzmommy, to remind them of my hardword too...haha

aiya miche, no need wait huby, use yr paypal $$ to get one for d sake of satisfying yr passion...

thks uncB, but i doubt if i'm able to manage more than 1 blog...

hopefully it helps u chinnee!

yeah ginie, men needs to satisfy their wife this way too..haha
actually my huby likes to cook too..last time better than me but i'm gonna catch up on him edi, ngek ngek ngek...

ooh JO, i see that yr cooking was fine too...dun get frustrated!

joneh: hope yr dearie has cook u the soup! ehh, mana boleh torturing...airliur mengalir saje!!

jppmom: dengar tak huby's request..haha?

will keep in mind the idea anggie!!

yes u r right annie, with d pepper it will resemble d pepper pork soup!

chris: oredi bought d jap cake but sadly my boys dun really like them so i was just trying to finish them up!!

thanks little prince mummy, thks for dropping by too!!

boleh la huisia!
hankerchief for u sasha!

ya, how abt u, where's your cooking for lil missy?