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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oooh no.... I have one more SON now !!!

You didn't get a shock, did you? It must be kidding to be preggy & even a bigger joke if it's another boy, hehehe........

Just an introduction to our GOD SON, baby Kendrick !! He is about 7 months old at the day of his Baptism, 16/8/08 born to huby's youngest sister !! Kendrick is the youngest of 4 siblings, with 1 ko-ko & 2 cheh-cheh!!
Beautiful alerting eyes !!

Since our bloggers' gathering held in Kajang recently, we have been to this place (which we rarely visit) again & again !! SIL stayed somewhere very near Kajang & visited the Catholic church in Kajang because it was fully air-cond !!! A week before the baptism day, we droved all the way to attend the baptism briefing. Obviously we had been there again the following week for the actual ceremony!!

Sean & Scot were enjoying themselves running back & forth in the church with their cousins.

A confession.........

Initially, i was made to understand that for a male to be baptised a Catholic, he has to appoint a Godpa & the wife/partner usually automatically becomes the Godma.

Same goes for the female! Obviously, both the Godpa & Godma needs to be a Catholic too! When Sean & Scot were baptised (in another church), their Godpa, Francis is my 3rd sister's hubby. The fact that my sister isn't a Catholic, we have no choice but to get Francis's aunty Iris to become my boys' Godma as it was Aunt Iris that arranged for our baptism session in the church then!

When SIL approached huby to become his son's Godpa, huby agreed without hesitation & i was more than delighted to hear the news...... but with the "understanding" that SIL will find someone else to be the Godma (as i am not a Catholic too)!! I even insisted that huby informed/reminded his sis about me not being a Catholic yet so that she knew what to do!!

Then during the briefing session, i didn't see any other relative/friend coming to join us meaning SIL didn't even find someone else to be the Godma! I persisted huby to find out there & then again & i was reluctant to ask myself as i'm afraid it might misled her to think that i'm not willing to be of the role! SIL only gave us an unconscientious smile indicating to us that it's ok if the partner (i.e. me) is not a Catholic!! It looked to me that she refused to check & hoping that the church did not find out about this.

The organiser then started to call out the name list, starting from the kids, the parents & the Godparents. Boy..... my name was called out too & i became speechless & stone for a moment until i didn't acknowledged myself and the caller has to repeat my name with her eyes staring at me!! I gave her a smile & nodded my head while my leg repeatedly bumping into huby's as a sign of how uneasy i was right then. Actually it wasn't a big deal for me to take up the role but the way that it was handled somehow made me felt that i was cheating! And the more the briefing actually went on (which basically emphasized around how significant the roles of the parents & GODparents in ensuring the practise of good faith in the baptised child), i got even more guilty!! The burden that lies on the godparents are certainly not light in the eyes of the religion!

The big question of "How am i suppose to enforce the good faith in my godson when i'm not even practising the faith myself?" kept loitteing around my mind !!

Frankly speaking, it wasn't a good feeling at all.......i mean when it comes to critical issue like faith & religion, we shouldn't take it lightly, should we?? Anyway, since nothing embarassing actually happened throughout the ceremony, i might as well receive it with a big, clear & happy heart!! I might have just been over worried over the matter. I believe at the end of the day, irrespective of what religion, what matter most is to be a 'GOOD' person & live a 'GOOD' life...rite !!??

See how peaceful Kendrick was when he was baptised?? He basically slept thru the ceremony.

Godpa lighting up the candle.........

Here is the happy Godpa with his 3rd son..........hahaha

See....my name was there too !!

So, officially i have 3 sons too..........sob sob sob... :( ....where's my girl ???

After the session, SIL treated us to a dinner in celebration of the occasion and below was the main dish, the Hakka famous "phun choi" !!

Congratulations on the new addition to our family, haha !!


Rjoc said...

Well Kendrick is also on our family tree, spelt generally as Kenrick though. I wonder though how often, if ever, the godparents really check on their god childs progress. Probably not unless the child is really off the rails then it is part of a wider issue.
For Christine, your eldest SIL is one of the god parents.

slavemom said...

Congrats on the new addition to the family!
Eh, u come to Kj how come din give me a buzz? Guess u were bz with missions to accomplish. Btw, is the 'phun choi' good? Is it a Hakka rest.? Where is it located?

wen said...

ur girl is still inside ur womb. quickly make it out!

Annie Q said...

Congrats congrats on the new addition to your family!!
where is ur girl?? Work harder, get a twin girls!! Yeah!! Kambatei!

Jacss said...

true uncle, i think if only d parents r not around, then probably d godparents would need to be there for the child. Else, having d godp would just be a formality to baptise d child!
u mentioned abt 2 godma for chris (one from each side), so meaning no godpa for chris?

ginie: d baptism was held at 5pm & by d time it finished, it was around dinner time already, mana boleh kacau you!!
we had d phun choi at Hei Loi Tang Cheras...quite nice surprisingly!

wen: in that case, just let it be inside me unless if God thinks otherwise....

eh annie: you ahh...i know u r teasing me coz being mom of twins yrself, i'm sure u would NOT want another pair of twins also, i'm not that greedy anyway...LOL