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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bento week # 7

I have been keeping awhile the soba mee from our bento menu as i still feel sceptical about transporting the soup base noodle to work. And here i actually queried about my own capability in handling it, what's more with the boys??!! But i made a daring move last week....yes, finally made it!

Below was my bento to work:
-used the purple bowl type box
-soba mee surrounded by zuchinni slices & topped with seaweed
-left box contain steamed brocolli & carrot, brushed with olive butter & pinch of salt
-the lock & lock round container was a spill prove one meant to store liquid (kept my mind secure from worrying about the hassle of the soup)

I took them out from the fridge straight to work & once arrived office, i immediately put the pack back into the fridge again until lunch time! It was nice to be served cold.......

When i prepared the soba mee the night before, i purposely made a little extra for the boys to try out in an effort to test if i should made it their bento too. I got a straight PASS....they love it so much that they kept asking for more and i had to divert away their attention before i could 'hide' the noodle for the next day's bento, hahaha!!
The soup for the boys was stored in the little sauce containers. As i still couldn't trust the boys could handle the soup without messying around, i proceeded into their class & set the noodle ready for them to eat immediately after arriving school in the morning!! Before i left, I watched them starting to eat & 'jokingly' told the teacher to make sure they finish it.......and boy....the teacher was amused (cheekily smiling) seeing how 'good' this mummy was, ~~~blush blush~~~ hahaha !!!
In the red silicon cup was yellow watermelon.


Huby's friend (who is a rice manufacturer) has given him several packs of the below rice to try out! There were many flavours ranging from tomato rice, briyani rice & hainan rice. My first pick was tomato rice as i knew that this would be suitable for the boys' bento too. One pack is suffice to serve at least 3-4 persons.

Preparation is almost similar to the usual way of cooking rice.

After washing the rice, pour 480ml water, add spices content, stir well & bring to cook!

So here they are, a little bowl of tomato rice to go with 2 pieces of chicken nuggets. Tomato sauce in the orange sauce container for dipping. Blue berries in the pink silicon cup & a cheese cube. In the aluminium foil was a small piece of cake.

Below was my bento. I added some 'Hijiki' to the tomato rice.

Served my tomato rice with salad (raw veggies & cherry tomatos).....btw, really felt like a cow eating grass ....arghh !!!


Below was a star shaped rice topped with seaweed flakes served with stir fried fish cake & long bean !! There were also 2 pieces of roll (ham & cheese)


Below was my bento:

Brocollies wrapped in ham and 'hijiki' rice!


Here is a snack bento:

In blue silicon cup was a bake of 'left over'. It consists of left over bread as base where i chunked in some ham, added butter, a layer of sour & tomato cream. I was taken by surprise when the boys ate them without asking what was it....haha!!!

In the pink silicon cup was banana coated with chocolate yoghurt !!

Happy bentoing !!


Rjoc said...

Hi Jacss
But have you thought how happy and contented the cow looks when it is chewing its cud after a good feed of grass!!! Of course they have several stomachs to enjoy their feed more Hahaha
Saw the Japanese Sushi restaurant was also advertising Bento but nothing like the range you have offered on your blog.

jacss said...

hello uncle, yes...d cow was indeed happy and felt good feeding grass! but like u said it has a big tank so there also goes in other food!!

probably u shd share with us what d jap restaurant there has to offer...in bento??? u made me curious....

slavemom said...

I nvr liked cold noodles. Or maybe becoz I've nvr tasted good ones. Eh, how come the boys got time to eat when they reached kindy? U dropped them off vy early?
How's the tomato rice? Hv nvr tried those ready-mix rice b4. If it's good, next time can look out for that brand.
Btw, the cow that eats a lot of grass is a vy healthy cow. ;)

Jacss said...

yes genie, if we didn't have b/fast with the boys outside, we'll reach their kindy around 8am & the school only starts at 8:30am. so 1/2 hour is suffice for them to take b/fast.
sorry, that d tomato rice wasn't as appealing to us than it may looked....though the oth flavour (nasi briyani) tasted quite good! but diff ppl may hv diff preference, so u can still give it a try yrself!!

LZmommy said...

Tomato rice! Look yummy! :)

You are indeed a fantastic mommy :) Preparing meals for them and making sure they like it.