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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bento week # 6

I have finally picked up my guts to start baking again...........last attempt was like more than a year ago, boy........that was long, isn't it? It was just a random blog hopping & i landed myself at a mom's blog who is very good at cooking.....something like......"bakingmom"! I love looking at her cookings and actually 'copied' few of her recipes. This week i tried one of my boys' favourite cake, OREO cheese cake!


My verdict was an "OK" lar.... guess it must have been real coz this time, there isn't any leftover for the next day, hahaha!!!

Sorry folks......gotta blur your eyes with the bento marathon again !!
It's gonna be MY WAY btw !! Coz weekday really has no time to do posting, resulting in this diarhhoea style posting !!
Here is one of the spices that i bought recently. It was ready to eat, meant to be sprinkle onto the rice, fragrant & tasty even with just plain rice!

There are 5 nice flavours.....can give it a try!

Here is how it looks when sprinkled onto my green pea rice. Below was one of MY BENTO, pork ham cooked in unagi sauce served baby tomatoes !!

On the same day, i also made some instant MISO Soup which i added few slices of tofu & some left over green peas.

Below was the cute lunch box i bought recently but not really suitable for the boys just yet as it is meant more to transport soup meal.....that's where i found it useful for my MISO soup!!

Similar version for the boys.......

star & bird shaped green pea rice to go with unagi pork ham and papaya

Over the weekend, i made some meat balls & freezed them which are so convenient for the rush morning preparation!

The same meat balls i had for my lunch too, just added some baby tomatoes, zuchinni & grapes....aren't they looked healthy?

One of my failed attempt was the chicken fillet coated with sesame. Some how i wasn't sure when exactly was the right time to coat the sesame, before/after frying or before/after the flour. I just 'tembak' and the outcome was..........yuck !!

Obviously the sesame was burnt......argh, LZmummy help.....any advice !!

I cut the chicken fillet into slices for the boys to go together with the shaped green pea rice sprinkled with seaweed flakes! This time, mumy was very hardworking as i peeled off the skin of the grapes!! Some green beans as side dish too.


I also tried another wonderful snack which was so easy to prepare yet extremely delicious......makes good party snack too!! Again it was another great idea of a mumy .........sorry i hopped everywhere, now wanna give credit also forgot who & where......shame!!! For those who has yet to discover this:

apply a layer of tomato sauce onto the cracker

place on top any of the following choices=tuna/sardine/ham

final step is to add on cheese slices/mozarella cheese

bake it for only 1-2 min, here are the outcomes

cheese lover like me will go crazy over this, very cheezy & crispy!!

However, do take note that this snack is BEST eaten straight away from the bake as they are still crispy & fragrant! So, precaution steps need to be taken if the snack is meant to be transported to school & eaten later. I slipped in 2 slices of the crackers into the animal zipper bag (so cute, isn't it??) but i think it got soggy later and the boys still gave me 'face' lar by eating only 1 slice, hahaha !!

I shall suck all the air out from the zipper bag by using the straw to see if it manages to preserve the crispyness......not sure if it's going to work but i shall try it the next time!!


Finally, on a lazy day..........i will just microwave some frozen food like the below snack served in a papercup. Frankly speaking i didn't really know what it was as it was a frozen imported japanese snack where the labels are all in japanese language. But they looked so cute to me so i just gave it a try.....surprisingly my boys ate them without any complaint. I tried it too and my taste buds told me they resembled some kind of a mini baked prawn puff !!!

In the red silicon cup are dessert, bananas served with cocoa syrup!! Also slot in 2 pack of seaweed cookies!!

~~ Hope u had enjoyed my bento spread ~~



slavemom said...

Not rusty at all in baking. Itu cheese cake CONFIRMED good (not jes "OK" lar) coz there's no leftover mah. *thumbs up*
Just looking at ur bento spread I oso feel vy healthy liao. ;)
I can imagine the cracker snacks taste like thin crispy pizza. Will def try this out. Oh my, look at the mountain of cheese u put. :p

Annie Q said...

i never get bored to look at your weekly bento creation. So i can curi some idea too ma...hahahhahaha

Wow, u know how to bake! I don't know how to bake, i only know how to cook. :P

wen said...

wah ur boys eat raw cucumber one ah? my kids dont eat at all la

allthingspurple said...

what a coincidence, I just packed unagi sauce kurau for my bento today, hee hee, and meatball for the kids. How did you do your meatball? mine was diced onion, peas and carrot, flour, and mince meat with salt and pepper. same?

okay, if your kids love the oreo cake, it had to be good. post the recipe up for us??

And love all your bento-s of this week.

LZmommy said...

Hey! Your oreo cheesecake looks yummy! :) Is your a non bake or bake version? I did mine using non bake.

Cute lunch box! Now I wish I am working so I can prepare bento for myself too. Hehehe...

For the chicken, you deep fry it? My version is baked chicken, maybe that's the reason?

Anggie's Journal said...

all ur bento look so yummy and healthy, must need a lot of time to prepared and wash those small small bento accessories .... but satisfied right ???

i m not so rajin enuf to do bento yet ..

Sasha said...

wah u got my son's attention just now. He walked and paused and came forward to the laptop to lookat yr cheese cracker. hahahah

allthingspurple said...

hey, just noticed that green pea rice. I have done green furikake rice but green pea rice looks like a good alternative !! How to do that? mix pea after rice cook, or cook pea with rice?

jacss said...

ooopss genie....didn't realised i put too much cheese until u prompted, hehehe. hope u like d snack!

annie, u know how to cook is also equally good, kan?

oh wen, if u dun skip d writings, u will know d raw cucumber is bento for MYSELF ler...itula, pictures too nice i know, haha
i also want to know how to force d kids to eat raw cucumber, zuchini, carrot & oth such???

christene: my meat ball consists of home minced chicken fillet + prawn + corn flour + all other marinated spices (soya sauce, pepper, garlic powder, parsley flake & what ahh...?? :) guess it's almost d same yeah

as for d green pea rice, being d buzy & lazy me, i cooked rice first then mix can peas...haha

as for oreo cheese cake, i copied from here : http://bakingmum.blogspot.com/2008/06/oreo-cheesecake.html
but hey...after u peep there, u will find mine 'tak lalu' anymore... :(

lzmummy: mine was bake one, next time i shall try the non-bake one!
emmm...now i know why, maybe next i'll bake my chicken ball instead, thks!

anggie: if i hv to do d washing, i think i won't be as 'rajin'...haha

so sasha, bila cuba d snack for jayden? better do it bf beranak, k!

JO-N said...

Your bento skill is getting better. Jacss, the rice spices looks good. Questions: Do you know where to get the rice spices, unagi, all the ingredients for sushi like fish roe, etc.?

jacss said...

Jo, i think so far, Isetan has more varieties of japanese foods. I do see some in Jusco too...

Hui Nih said...

I admire your passion in preparing such beautiful and nutritional meal :) Enjoy reading your blog very much too!

p/s: I love that Oreo cheesecake very much (even just eat visually only)! Haha!

renet13 said...

hi jacs,
Linked to you thru Chinnee.
I'm also a mother of twin boys. I like your cream cracker with tomato sauce, tuna & cheese snack. will try for kids take to school. BTW Bento is new to me..may i knw exactly what is it ?