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Monday, August 18, 2008

It's okay......still our PRIDE !!

Just wanna extend my big big CONGRATULATIONS to our badminton hero for raising our flag in this 2008 Beijing Olympic.........don't know about you but i do felt deeply touched witnessing that very precious moment !!!


Despite only a silver medal..........despite a lost.........despite every fellow malaysian somehow felt a little 'sad', to me it doesn't matter anymore as he has fought his greatest spirit through to the FINAL. Don't forget it was a history he created to the country. That Chinese guy (LDan) was just TOO skillful. Frankly speaking we all felt extremely painful seeing our folk been hit so badly & been tricked to pull from one end to the other end rather effortlessly!!
Furthermore, with such annoying scream & cheers against him at the back, how else could you expect a human being to re-act if not pressure & tense !!! Even my mom also got so angry with the disturbance & in response to that: she couldn't resist but angrily told off " tit sei lui pao ah, ngai meh lar, yeng kan ker la " (no need to shout, you all obviously gonna win).
On a lighter note, whenever the camera turned to Misbun, we all laughed so badly.........
aduh, habis lar itu wang 1 million sudah terbang lor, hahahah !!!
LEE CHONG WEI, our nation's proud & pride !! Kudos to you !!


Sasha said...

that Ldan's smashes give su the chill like he was about to murder lcw okay? How to win him? but anyway, kudos to LCW for making it to the finals. Eh our only medal for Msia right? cukup la.. got medal also means Msia can still do something besides our colourful politics right?

zewt said...

sigh.... no no no... sigh...

slavemom said...

I missed the game. :(

Rjoc said...

Just as well you are not here watching the Olympics with Anne, events are on for most of the day and 2 stations are showing them, but different events. As Australia has won a few medals, but also lost some very closely some one has been very vocal in her comments.
Nothing shown here about Malaysia!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Jaccs, I really missed that badminton match. Here the TV only showed other games as badminton not a popular game.
Old days I never missed Thomas cup or any competitions.
But good for Malaysia, a Silver medal for badminton. First Olympic one too.
You keep well and have a great weekend, Lee.

All Precious Moments said...

Ya loh, at least still got RM300K le! Actually ah, my Sean's name is same as his, just by one alphabet different hahaha..

I didn't watch the game, cos I was at Pangkor holidaying, but then the guests there were gathering at the lounge to watch ah...must be disappointed la...

1+2mom said...

B4 the final start, my hubby told me that LCW sure lose because of the pressure. You wouldnt know that tense when you stand on it with the whole world look at you.

Btw, at least M'sia still can get a medal because of him.Bravo LCW!!

huisia said...

ya, that's great to see our flag!! hehe..i was initially thought that he would be the champion and imagine the govern would declare a HOLIDAY!