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Monday, August 18, 2008

Another passion started....

Suddenly i felt myself slowly fallen into a more 'womanly' stage in life.... in other words also mean i'm becoming more & more 'si-lai'........... oopppss, that's only my own definition ok, i don't mean all d bento mummy r 'si-lai', hehehe! What happened?
I found new passion in me........besides bentoing (also mean 'cooking' generally), i also wanted to venture into baking so much!! It all started with me falling in love with the recent hit of cupcakes. Then the more & more i see, the desire was building up very speedily....... good or not, i seriously don't know!! But one thing for sure, it was a good news to that creature called 'the husband' !!! He was very supportive (albeit in an indirect way) !! Despite always teasing me along the journey, i knew he was glad with such new found hobby to the extend that he was encouraging me to go for baking / cooking class!! Sigh......how i wish but for me, struggling between a full-time job & a family with 2 hyperactive boys, it was near to impossible!!! Wait la.....wait until i no need to work one 'fine' day !!!
I had this 'not very good' behaviour, in that when something struck on my mind to do, most likely than not, i would do it either immediately / instantly.......hahaha, both also same speed right ??? In other words, if possible i would do it right away without hesitation!!! And that could be at d expense of a much needed 'deep-thought' and when bad luck strikes, it could be of detrimental consequences too!!! huby always complaint that i'm a very " chung tung " type of person, anyone.....what's the right word to describe this?? Yes, that i was......
So with this type of character, i wanted so much to pursue my baking journey again this weekend after the first failure last week.....hahaha, too shy to show the 'failed product' to you guys lar..........

That aspiration grow so strong until i couldn't wait for the weekend to come.........and when the weekend was already one day ahead (it was already friday night), i still couldn't wait !!

And there i was seen starting my baking stunts around 8pm on the friday night........so strange & crazy heh??!!!

This time, i followed exactly the measurement of every ingredients and here are the outcomes....












Yes, still little bit of flaws seen. But i'm pretty much satisfied with the taste as well as the texture of the cakes. It was cream cheese lemon cupcakes btw.

Now i wonder, what it means when the surface of the cake wasn't as smooth as it suppose to be, you can see the top breaking up right?

Next, came the decoration part. wow.......what a tough task man........boo, shame shame lar, there are ppl who said easy pitsy only!! But nah......it wasn't so at all. Blame it on the lack of study....by merely seeing the picture, i assume i can picture out how to twist it, haha...wrong i was!! Also gotta blame on the lousy writing nozzle, anyway, i also didn't study what are the basic type of decoration tools!! Even, with the whipping cream, instead of the initial intended yellow color, i put in too much coloring & d color turned out of way too !!

arghhh........"sei chau sei lar"..........see it for yourself !!!

Yellow topping became orange. I seriously don't know what kind of twist i had made ..... in fact, i think the nozzle had lost its' way la..........

The boys were too young to tell the ugliness of it or rather too young to condemn my work but the 'old man' said : looked like "yat tuk si"/bunch of shit, wa kakakaka !!!!

But frankly speaking, as far as the texture of the cake itself, they were edible......seriously!! All in i made 12 pcs of them: I had 2 pcs myself, the boys had 3, my fussy lou kung gave me face by eating 1 pc & my maid walloped the rest all (must be the best cake she has ever eaten, hahaha)!!

So, guess besides having the right contents & measurements accurate in the process of cake baking, the next important thing that i gotta pay attention is of course the ART of decoration too coz it really indeed made difference to how appealing the cakes are!!

How i wish to be able to do at least something like the below.....i know they were only simple cupcakes (by wondermilk) comparing to those that came with fondants decor or etc but it would certainly be a good guide to begin with !!!

look so easy right ??

Anyway, though there were many cupcakes maker out there, i don't exactly remember where to find shops that sell good cupcakes around. So it was a last minute hunt few weeks ago when i wanted to get some for a good friend's birthday lunch in MidValley! So, i just went around the uptowns where i knew wondermilk was located but frankly speaking, the available cakes over the counter were rather dissapointing......not much choices & not as fancy as i'd expected !!! But having said that, i must still say the taste of the cake was quite good though !!

Here we are singing happy b'day song to aunty p-fung after she treated us a sumptuous japanese lunch at Oh Sushi !!

arghh.....can't run away from japanese food again !!!

Work harder woman, there are more to learn !!!


miche said...

to me...if u dun tell me it is ur first time, i wouldnt notice. the deco looks perfect to me. it's art...anything goes as long as it looks nice.

i'm tempted to buy an oven now but hubby did not allow. i love baking but not the eating part and he doesnt wanna turn into a pig! LOL

Sasha said...

I'm like you, when i think of something i need to do it imeediately or no do at all. Very bad huh ?

LZmommy said...

Haha! So I will be seeing cupcakes posts too :)

khongfamily said...

8 pm is okay to start off baking...I start at midnight after the kids are sleeping...hahahah. Not bad for a first timer...as long as you get the cakes taste nice then okay lorr.

Anggie's Journal said...

heh, i also hv this passion on baking cupcake lei .... and learn some deco too ... hahahah, nextime can share share idea with u ....k ?
I prefer baking then bento .. i found bento had many many small small thing to clean and wash... not that i had maid... and yet i hardly cook also ....
so i still like baking ..hehhe

Annie Q said...

WOW WOW!! Nice cup cakes!!! For 1st timer, it's really look good already. It must be taste real good. yum yum...

Ya hor, now i can see u like a "super lady" = working mom, take care two kids and family, bake and cook..tsk tsk tsk..salute salute!!!

allthingspurple said...

your cupcakes nice wat !! I normally just smooth the icing down with the back of the spoon only.

wen said...

wei, not bad ma... and ur time of baking is normal. i baked at 11pm and 12 midnight before..weird or not?

slavemom said...

Wah... ur 'womanly' traits r all flowing out. :D And the lou kong n the kids benefit the most. They get to eat nice food n nice cakes.
The male species (esp our hubs) can be quite blunt with their comments hor. hahaha As long as the cake taste nice, then it's ok edi mah. As for the deco, practice makes perfect. Keep up the good work!

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah...very loi yan suddenly?? eh, nice heh...can get addicted one. now me pulak got to wait till my twins are big :(

Rjoc said...

Very good Jacss!! now with the oven I am sure that Da Boss would love a nice roast pork with stuffing and vegetables!!
I found that when doing fondant icing you have to do it in air conditioning else it 'sweats' and does not turn out good.