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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our Saturday breakfast.....

Just a quickie post as today's breakfast preparation consumed very little time of my morning...... so here i am missing blogging !! In another hour time, need to rush off to send the boys for class and that's when we will have 2 hours for our quiet breakfast plus some marketing for the following week !!
Served on the breakfast plate was :
egg in sausage where supposingly i saw this elsewhere, to resemble a sunflower or somethg, but somehow mine didn't turned out well. i used 1 whole egg for each boy, not sure if that's too much to fit into the sausage. Anyway, i've no idea how others could prevent the egg from flowing out of the circle.......... whatever la, they just ate........blek !!!
Then i briefly toast half a bun with olive butter for a little carbo, popped in 5 seedless grapes & added tomato sauce for a dip in the red silicon cup!!
My heros being "captured" savouring the breakfast (without knowledge)
Have a nice weekend !!


slavemom said...

When I saw the sausage, I was edi guessing u're making a flower. :D I saw it in wokking mum's site. I think she made bull's eye. So the area of egg yolk is smaller. But nvm lah, as long as the boys walloped everything. U hv a great w/end too!

Annie Q said...

WOW! Very nice breakfast!
That sausage, i saw it at hijackqueen's blog. :) she put quail egg instead of normal chicken egg. Don't worry, yours already look good for the first timer. :)

JO-N said...

I have never seen that sausage and egg before but I love the look of yours, something different from the norm. As long as the kids love it, it's considered successful!

wen said...

jacs, good job leh. eh u must use quail's egg la. the chicken egg too big liao lor.

jacss said...

ya right genie, so long as d boys finished it, i'm more than happy!

annie & wen, now i know it's quail egg that do d trick, hahaha.... shall try d next time!

jo, u can try it out too...d rest said use quail egg will look better!

LZmommy said...

For the sausage flower, I used quail egg instead. I have done it in some of my girl's earlier bento before, it should fit nicely :)