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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Immune System running weak

On a usual account, when the immune system is running weak, it means "sickness" is visiting.......
The twins were troubled by cough, running nose/flu which usually don't really bothered us too much EXCEPT if that resulted in fever!!!! Touch wood & thank god......complying with my wish, they dare not visit..........!!!

When the sickness are just the common cold, we (particularly huby) would be reluctant to visit the Dr. as huby did not want them to take those common cold medicine perscribed by GP/Paed. Ever since we became aware, studied & understood the Nutritional Immunology Science, we concur to the fact that "normal common colds" can be caused by million/billion type of viruses/bacterias. So, to attack these many types of virus/bacteria would mean many different types of medicines would be involved as solution.. so to speak. That's why I would absolutely agreed with the paed. that once informed us that it was impossible for medical science to detect all these viruses and the medicines that provide effective solution.

Hence, a question raised in my naive mind then.....what are the effectiveness of those medicine usually perscribed for common cold?????

The paed. told me, those medicines were only to provide temporary solution to ease the uncomfortable feelings encountered during the cold episode i.e.
- to soothe the itchy throat due to frequent cough,
- to dissolve the phlegm that constantly result in coughing,
- to unblock the runny nose which resulted in one breathing thru d mouth hence, easier for infection & many many more temporary solution.
One would argue that if the medicine could ease so much, why hesitate?

But did you ever ponder if the medicine is really effective? Which simply means once you've recovered, does that means that the cough & flu will not come back again.
Answer is of course NO. In fact even adults like us having live for like 30 over years, would still occassionally be contaminated by the virus and caught up with these common colds.

So what's the down sides of consuming these so-called temporary solution medicine?
It's important to know that consuming these medicine during these "common cold" would interrupt the immune syst which was then working very hard to fight against the virus.
Hence, the next time the same virus visit again, the immune syst would not be able to detect it & sickness will follow suit because it didn't successful in fighting over the virus the last time around. And the cycle comes & go.........

So, the nutritional immunology science stated that only if the human's immunology systems (which consists of 5 parts) are in a strong condition, then it would be able to fight against the virus that attacks the body!! The studies & findings of this science are too complicated & detailed to pen down here.........by a 'layman' like me...........
Anyhow, it managed to convince my huby so much (to a certain extend, myself also), we trust the science and so we invested quite a hefty sum in these nutritional products for the twins since they were 2-3 years old when their immune system was at its' lowest point.

Here is what my boys would consume during their normal cold episode.............
The cactus juice is very superior in taste & not second to any other. The other 2 bottles are tablets in powder form........very very yucky!! I just have to mix the powder with the juice & get the boys to gulp down quickly!!

Besides that, occassionally i would believe in this tradisional chinese herbal tea too........
Seen here are barley & some other herbs......

Use double boiler & boil under slow fire for 1 hour.

After 1 hour, it looks like this.............

After added some honey, i do believe it soothes the throat even if only a little.............herbal tea/leong char!!

NOTE : The above comments & practices are entirely the personal opinion of the writer. It was neither a sponsored post nor am i selling anything. It was only meant for additional reference (if applicable).
We benefited from it, so we hope the rest would also gain a little, if not more!!
If you are ever in doubt, check it out at www.eexcel.net as only YOU could convince yourself.

Good Luck.......to fighting against cold viruses sssssssss!!


1+2mom said...

Some kids dun like the taste ler( i mean the herbal tea). Like my son when he saw the colour like that he totally dunwan but my gal maybe will try. Izzit the smile very strong?
That medicine dun dare to try because my kids dun like this kind of taste (powder mix with juice, they sure know the difference).

Mummy to QiQi said...

wow....Jacss, u take all the trouble and pain to make those herbal tea!! haha...normally if my gal has flu, she'll just take her flu syrup :)

Annie Q said...

Hey!My sons also having flu & cough for nearly two weeks lo. This round caught me surprise too, no fever, normally their flu & cough is cause by fever. Seen paed once, consume the medicine still the same *sigh*.
Ya i do heard about that cactus juice very good.Will read more maybe will get that one soon.Hope ur boys are feeling better now.

Jacss said...

oh...actually the herbal tea is not those bitter type, after added with rock honey sugar, it taste ok....similar to "pat chee chou" tea!! and it's not that touble to boil actually, sometimes i would alternate with barley, crysanthemum & etc etc.

annie, looks like the virus also attacked yr twins ehh?? thank god, no fever....which is more scary to me!!
u can give d cactus juice a try once u r convinced but just note that it's not miracle juice...it takes time for d immune syst to build strong too, so mean u may have to consume a few packs to see results. Mind me to tell....it's damn pricey, to an extend i almost give up....but eff've lar!!

Annie Q said...

How come cannot open the link for e excel?
Ya i heard it's pricey. RM200+ per bottle right? tsk tsk tsk..

Jacss said...

i also dun know why kenot link from there but try browsing d webadd directly www.eexcel.net
i tried & it worked.

a box cost RM400+ which consist of 2 pack......so mean each pack is RM200 lol....seow or not??
but u only need to consume 2-3 tablespoons each time!!

wen said...

wah u got twins ah! more over boys, is it stressful taking care of twins

Jacss said...

yeah wen...twins, does that justified an extra pair of hands for my mom??

the stressful part was they kept disturbing, beating, pinching, punching, kicking, arguing etc every single minute.....:( !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is it heaty to consume Noco and ACT? I gave them to my daughter for a few days, her cough and phlegm got worse. Hmm..