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Monday, August 13, 2007

Malaysia Int'nal Firework Competition 2007

Fireworks are not just an event that capture the heart of little ones, even adults are captivated by the beauty of it. Since the international competition wasn't somethg usual happening in the country, we thought we should grab this chance to see it. So the family went for the show on the very 1st night the show started. We didn't went into the convention centre to see the show but instead we just stopped at a nice spot along a bridge. The entire road was filled up with cars as everyone was just as eager as us with fireworks!

After some wait, the finally started & yes...........it was extravaganza !! The kids were thrilled & the sparkling sounds of it made us really excited !!

Everyone was happy & thank god we left slightly early just in time to avoid the terrible jam when the crowd actually dispersed.

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