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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Twins Festival 2007

It was such a torment having to force open our eyes this morning at 7a.m............ on a SATURDAY arghhhhh!! But what to do, as the title denotes: Twins Festival "punya pasal", we must fully support. Having dressed ourselves up, we started to get the boys done & left about 8:15.

Once we arrived, we headed to do registration where i stumbled upon a pair of familiar twin girls.....i reckon it was Carol & Carrie, daughters of 1+2mom (Sylvia). Mumy wasn't besides the girls then, so as I was about to submit d boys' birth certs, i saw Sylvia ahead busy with her registration. I pat her & said hi then finishing with the procedures........

A welcome pack was given to each twin which was accompanied by a set of breakfast which consist of none other than our famous "nasi lemak" & some local "kuih". Other goodies included an orange umbrella, some trial facial mask, discount vouchers & etc.

As huby has a hometown buddy(Vincent & Kim) that brought along their twin boys of 1yr+, we headed to join them first. Jie Hern & Jie Wei

Did some catch up as this was our 2nd time meeting the twins since their birth about a year ago. The "nasi lemak" was easily finished & we spent sometime identifying our respective twins. Vinc's eldest son, Jason is about the same age with my boys so after a while, 3 of them has warmed up & started to have fun.

After a while, i brought my boys to join Carol & Carrie but the boys were shy seeing the "leng lui" so they refused to join, instead their minds strayed back to his dad's group. So my boys left.....yeah very rude, but mumy never give up.........gave them some lectures!!

Then, we walked through the stalls & checked out what was there to offer. The boys insisted to do the sand art & so we let them be.

That's where I saw Sylvia with d girls again wondering about so i quickly pulled all d twins together for a group photo......yeah this time it worked naturally, the lectures were effective & made things worked.
Wow, i couldn't believe the girls looked so much younger but as their mumy said, they are already reading Book 9.............& my boys still at 6, hehehe lazy mumy here........

This young mumy was such an easy person to get along with. Our common 'aunty' topics instantly kicked start our conversation.

Later, i saw a crowd began to build up........then i came to know it was the first event that was about to begin = The Twins' Parade.

So, I walked over to the crowd knowing there will be something that would attract my camera. Yeah, the centre of attraction was the quadruplets (3 boys & 1 girl) belonging to a Malay couple. I have to agree that it was fun, cute & nice to see them but definitely not when you have to care for them !!!
Boy....boy....boy.......nice to see but not nice to touch ehh????

Soon the twins' parade started & our eyes were flashed by so many many similar faces, passing by in doubles..........
This was the first time I found myself having a very great sense of belonging & absolutely no unnecessarily attention ........bcoz everyone was having a pair, no big deal & so certainly nothing abnormal/unusual.....yeah yeah !!

After the parade, we started to feel the sun warming. Since we did not intend to stay for the talent show & there isn't much left to explore so huby decided to leave. Vinc's family had left much earlier. And so we have no idea what was the total number of twins that turned out. But luckily, there were others who are more patience. Sylvia mentioned that a new Malaysia Book of Record was set with over 250 pairs attented the festival this time. Maybe later the media would confirm the number.

Kudos to the organiser, it was great being part of the event.


zewt said...

really... it has never occured to me that there are so many twins around.

1+2mom said...

What a great time at there,right? We very sure will join it next year if they organize again.
I'm not young lor, my face bluf ppl wan..haha..anyway nice to meet you and hope next time can chat with you longer.

Annie Q said...

U all having fun lei! Me so jealous, i cant go...*sob sob sob*
Hopefully there will be another one next year.

Jacss said...

oh zewt...seems like getting twins has become so common lately!! plan to have.......hehehe???

sure sylvia, if it's going to an annual event, i'm sure to support & it'll be our annual gathering, hehe!!

annie, dun cry....just make sure next yr u dun miss it, k?

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah...so fun to attend such function ya....guess i'll be the one green with envy seeing so many twins there !

1+2mom said...

saw you comment on yenlin there, your hubby also 'wong' ar..haha..my hubby and yenlin hubby also 'wong' (yenlin got another friend with twins also 'wong' surename).
Next time can tell people if want to have twins can try for 'wong' surename guy..haha.