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Friday, April 20, 2007

Moving - Part 2

continue from part 1.........i'm just finishing a lil bit more about mom shifting day!

Mom being d superstitious lot again has some ritual to practise on d day of shifting. Accordingly, she said it is a must to 'cook' as in firstly must lit d stove/fire to boil water (as u know, water has an implied meaning of $$$). Next is d entire family will be obliged to savour that very 1st dinner together.
Then among the dish to cook must also brought along good meaning. I can't exactly remember all but among d most important was to deep fried "fish/yue in chinese"(any type will do)...........("lin lin yau yue" something like dat !). Anyway, mom also ended up with a big pot of soup, chicken, vege & yong tau foo. Then she also wanted me to add on to the varieties & so being d well obliged girl, I had taken d chance to train my skills again. I had chosen a recipe of a healthy snack from d advertiser in a newspaper (jacob biscute). Here are d ingredients:

fish paste & prawn minced with crushed cracker..........flavoured & marinated.

Before frying d seafood patties, i made some fish balls for my beloved as their afternoon snacks!

According to the recipe, the ultimate outcome of d meal should look like this:

But with my standards, it's acceptable to give d actual results some allowance on d variance .........and here's how my seafood patties looked.

It is not of super excellent but with each chew, i could feel d bouncyness of d seafood paste...........emmm not bad!

Mom also asked my 3rd sis, mic (in pink) to invite her in-laws to join us for d dinner. Both uncle & aunty Yee was very sociable couple. My parents & all get along well with them. Mic also bought along roast duck & "kai choi"/a type of pickle vege i think which was yummy!
Here she is.........arrived just to eat coz she just had a 2 months old cutie pie boy to handle, Nicholas........& boy, how could i forgot to snap & show off some cute faces of him........very notty, cunning & cute boy (we called him 'kam poh loh'/gold pineapple)! Nevermind, there will be chances.............

After that heavy & fulfilling dinner, we went for a walk at d nearby park. It's a 4 acre park which was quite impressing...........got basketball court, badminton court, skating area, bicycle track, foot reflexology path, football field, jogging track, children playground, bbq pit, rest hut & etc etc.............check it out!

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