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Monday, April 16, 2007

15 April 2007 Moving - Part 1

Good bye Sungai Way...........a place i called 'my hometown'......where i was bred & lived for d past 30 years! God must have been sad on 'the move' as right the day before we moved, there was a strong thunder storm that hit the village....according to relatives, the wind was too strong till roofs, signage, trees & etc all flung beyond imagination BUT thank god no one was hurt!
Here's some snap shots to save the memory on the old home :

According to the chinese custom, before moving to a new house, one has to invite 'the God/whatever that one worships' into the new house first as a form of respect. Mom being a superstitius lot has also done the same. Here is mom in performing the prayers & the customary practices:

Well, since i'd poured in much sweat & blood into helping mom with renovating d house, it is just fair that i felt much satisfaction & accomplishment with d ultimate outcome! Not to mention the hidden fact that it was all (among my siblings') our dreams that my parents could own a 'brand new house' to spend their retirement! Though it was just an ordinary 2 storeys terrace house.... nothing really great but the excitement was actually resulting from the fact that we'd been living in an inherited place since our birth! Yes, for d past 30 years we'd all occupied under the roof 'build' by my 'yeh yeh'/grandpa.....all including my 3rd uncle & 4th uncle families & my 2 single aunties. My grandpa being merely a farmer cum trader has managed to build his little empire & to name among the greatest were d 3 storeys bungalow house & 4 storeys shoplot in Sungai Way! So, no one could described how excited we were to now live in a brand new & comfy house all by ourselves!
And ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce you to the insights of mom's new house:

When we heard that my sis has got a 3 ton lorry to ferry stuffs from d old to d new house, we laughed & felt amused .......that it was way too big for such usage! But boy...........it ended up just nice to fit in everything! And that actually justified....... for we had lots of stuffs that aged as long as 30 to 40 years old! And luckily there was 3 indian chap helper to carry those heavy stuffs from 4th floors down. Furthermore, it wasn't bad to have 4 sons in law around too........which really do wonders to all of us girl siblings!


Sasha said...

WUAH! nice house!!

Jacss said...

yeah 'tan kiu' coz lots of $$$$ spent.....!!!!