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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Visit to dady's ofis

It was a bad afternoon I remembered.........coz this was as usual an overdue post. I was down with a blocked nose & could hardly breath with my nose in d office. I really hated having to use my mouth to grab d air! So i got no mood to work & off i went out to do some banking outside. The warm weather did ease a bit of the troubled nostril. I had wanted to drop by a clinic to get some medicine but was too lazy & dropped d idea. Once done & as it was still slightly early to go home, huby suggested to go back to his ofis to work out something urgent. It has been quite sometime I never step into his ofis so i eagerly agreed. I thought to myself, it would be a good chance for me to snap some photos of his ofis which i'm proud of. And i couldn't believe my eyes how messy his ofis was.
So i ended up being a cleaner in his ofis that evening, stacking those boxes of stock nicely, tidying up those tables, clearing rubbish, washing d toilet & etc etc...............

What a day i'd make up??

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