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Friday, April 6, 2007

2006 Christmas At The Westin Hotel

Obviously this is a past event. As my blogger's life just started not long, I would try to capture as much as my brain could recall those interesting past events where I could locate the nice snap shots before the aging bug starts to bite (memory loss)!

Since my boys were 2, we had sort of agreed to have a 'fine' reunion X'mas dinner within our little family where a 'thanks giving' session (to our Lord God) is being practised for the blessed & safe year end. By doing that routine, hopefully we are planting good seeds to our children to live as a "good catholic"!

So last year 2006, out of a few that i've scrutinised, we've finally came to conclusion with our choice for the buffet dinner in The Westin Hotel on the eve of the x'mas. The setting & decor was definitely impressive but we were totally dissapointed with the food varieties as well as the taste. It wasn't worth the price at all & boy....I dare to say this would be my first & last!

What I like about celebration in these hotel was that the environment was very "X'mas" and most if not all would include a party pack & X'mas gift for the kids. Furthermore, there were Santa Claus & Carols doing the entertainment!
Below show the boys' favourite car toys received from the Santa Claus!

Below was the Christmas tree at the cosy corner of our home, right beside the altar.

On that night, we had also booked a night stay at The Palace of the Golden Horse Hotel (which was complimentary from the Country Heights medical tourism club in which we are the members). It was a quiet & 'slightly old' hotel..........all i could say. All i could remember was my sensitive nose got so bad over the badly treated carpets of the hotel room & I had a bad night sleep!

to continue with 2005 Christmas............hey why am i going backward????


Sasha said...

hi silent reader! hahahaha why are u going backwards more and more? write about now la!

Jacss said...

hi sasha,

u really came by surprise to me.........as u could check that u r my 1st commentor! i didn't know tat u can trace me here, still very very new...but could guess must be the link that i put! i'm one of aunt5xmom silent reader & from there i came to know many many other blogs incld yours. wana know why i continue reading yr blog.......dun fly high.............coz i find u prety loh & most imptly yr lil J is just so cheeky & notty look!!!