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Friday, April 13, 2007

My Journey To Work - The Change

I'm not sure if all Puchong residents who travel to PJ in d morning for work feel as terribly as I am towards the daily bumper to bumper traffic jam at the Sunway toll which starts to build up as early as 7 in d morning. To think about the hassle of having the mind to be on alert towards all the cars surrounding you (left, right, front & back) would put me into deep stress & tense.

But my office is in KLCC, why am i travelling to PJ in d morning? The stories begin here.........

We need to send our boys to a kindy that is convenient for their grandpa to pick them up after school. The fact that my parents' old home & biz are in PJ means that the boys' kindy has to be near there. Furthermore, my parents also help our maid in babysitting d boys for d 2nd half of d day. Even after work, we still need to be back to PJ for dinner at mom's place & pick up d boys before heading back to Pch.

So we left our home approxm'ly 7-7:15am & depending on how critical the traffic is, we would reach d boys' kindly earliest by 7:45 or latest by 8:15. Once we settled with the boys' uniform & breakfast, they would mostly be on time before the school bell rings at 8:30am.

Then huby & I would ease our mind a bit by having our breakfast together before sending me off at the train station. I will board the Putra LRT from Paramt station right up to d door step of Suria KLCC. The entire journey from d moment i wake up in d morning right till i reach my office takes me close to 3 hours........isn't that awful & scary??? Actually huby's office is in Pch itself but since he's already in PJ, he will try to see his customers or whoever or do whatever necessary in PJ before travelling back to his office later.

I wonder if huby feels d same tension that i had. I have been enjoying the luxury of sitting at d passenger seat while dear huby do the skilled driving for the past.........i think about 6-7 years!
And.........sob sob sob, no more, no more luxury! My parents will be moving to their new home in Puchong this coming Sunday (15/4/2007). What are the impact........... both good & bad!

The boys still need to go to d same kindy as my parents are still in PJ doing their biz in d morning session until lunch. After shifting to their new house, mom needs another car for travelling, pick d boys up & travel back to her new hse in Pch. But dad would need to settle with his biz & would travel back slightly later in his separate car.

And so, to accomodate to this change, starting next Monday (16/4/07) I will have to take over the morning driving session to PJ. Once I send off d boys, I will pick up dad along to the train station. While i continue to board my train, dad will take my car back for mom to fetch the boys later & travel back to her new house.

So, that means my dear huby will soon enjoy the luxury of sleeping longer & no more terrible jam in d morning. As his office is only 5 mins drive from our home, i bet he's going to sleep until 9am!

On d other hand, with this shift of life, there comes some good points too. After a hard day at work, we no longer need to travel all d way to PJ for dinner & again travel all d way back to our home in Pch just for a mere 2-3 hours before we doze off zzzzzzzzzzzz !
So now, we will head back straight to Puchong for dinner at mom's new house. After dinner, it only takes us 5-10 mins drive to reach our own home. In conclusion, d morning hassle would be compensated by more quality time at nite!

Hopefully, my phobia would not turn out so badly. No matter what, i still look forward to d change.

Below is front facade of mom's new house..............

to be continue with more photos................

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