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Sunday, April 13, 2008

We had been to Disney On Ice...

Emmmm......i tried to recall if the boys had watched any similar show to disney on ice but i can't recall any....so it can savely be considered their first taste !! I don't agreed to bring them to such show when they were younger bcoz of my " kiasu'ism "....as i thought they were too young to understand & appreciate the show! Furthermore, the fares are not at all cheap....total damage to the pocket was RM400++........fuyoh, bad huh ??!!!

But now that they had tasted the show at the age of 5+.....i don't see them to be as excited & thrilled as i'd expected......not sure if they have outgrown the phase or my initial expectation was too high, though they did said they enjoyed & liked the show very much!!

Anyhow, it was still a good experience for all of us (including myself).

Here are a few snapshots of the famous characters in the show :

Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Daisy

The ugly creature called.........Stitch & Lilo

Peter Pan

Under the sea....

The only thing that made me feel uneasy was they made it a once in a LIFETIME chance to REAP our hard earned $$$$$$$. Eg. the below box of popcorn which has a size of less than 3" in width was charged at a high flying price of RM10...........phui.........i wouldn't give a thought of getting it though my huby don't mind! To me the most they should charge is RM5 which was already much to their profit.

Somehow, there was also souvenirs that were quite nice to my taste which i reckoned at least worth the money paid though it was not cheap too !!! It was a Stitch MUG that came with a fruity-ice dessert (ABC)......plus a Spoon cum Straw which has very good quality, nice hor??? It cost us RM30 bucks........., how's that?

One thing very strange, before the show started, the business of those souvenir stalls around were quite quiet but soon after the show ended, almost all the stalls were flooded with hungry parents forcing their way to grab souvenirs for their kids. And we were one of them too, here is what the boys got for themselves.......

Croc binaculars (RM20 each)

Arghhhh............so much complaint.........yet still buy so much.......heh heh !!!

This was what we had after the show.......just to tempt those TOMYAM LOVER, anyone ???

The boys got their jelly cake as dessert in that afternoon........beautiful.....but too much of colours, no???

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slavemom said...

I hv the same thinking as u - if bring them when they're too young, they won't be able to appreciate/rmbr the show. Actually wanted to bring XY to watch, but conveniently forgot abt it. :D
The Stitch mug is cute but the binoculars r not vy 'disney' leh. hehehe

wen said...

so expensive!! but i will be tempted to buy those!

Annie Q said...

Hey! I like that stich mug, but RM30! So expensive! I like the spoon cum straw too, very unique!
I have yet to bring my boys to watch those show. Maybe i should bring them next year??

1+2mom said...

The stitch mug was so nice and unique..for me i think it worth lar cause cannot get at any where.

Disney on ice..our dream.It too expensive for the whole family to go,maybe later ba.