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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Of Bento And Pot Luck

It was POT LUCK among my family members during the weekend. Taking advantage of my recent hit on 'bento', how could I not show it off to my families??? As the pot luck was held at my elder sister's home, she cooked her favourite noodle SOUP (ching thong) while mom brought some YONG TAU FOO selections. My 4th younger sis bought J-Co donuts.

Using my limited bento kits, I made these for the kids which consist of 3 boys & 2 girls.....
it was just simple SUSHI.

Beneath the rice was a slice each of CHEESE & Pork HAM (yeah, not a very neat one)

And for the adults, i also made sushi i.e. UNAGI & baby Octopus sushi !!!

Frankly speaking, i got a bit worried that it might not turned up well coz it was my very 1st ATTEMPT leh !! But but.... thank god, it was a successful try.......hahaha. And for your info, of course the eel & octopus were bought from Isetan & not made by me okay!! I only cooked the rice, mixed them with vinegar, added the seaweed & placed the cut eel & octopus...that's it sound easy rite?

My mom's very first reaction looking at it was:

"wah hai, chee mou chee yeong woh" / looked very much like the sushi she saw outside, bwahahaha

Then after my dad peeked from the left & from the right, he asked:

"buy from sushi king wan ahh"........wa kakaka, i so syiok oredi !!!

After Scot walloped the only piece of "bear sushi" i made for him, he came hunting for MORE so, no choice the adults sacrified their sushi for the kids.......you see how eager the boys were with MY SUSHIs...hehehehe

carry on to drool...........

After meal, it was "tea time" over the table, such a good bonding to catch up on everyone's life !!!

The boys could be very mischievous at this age but looking at the sight below just erase all my angers away !!! It was the Sunday's breakfast where i made them their all time favourite tomato spaghetti pasta!!

After the brunch, dady sent the boys off for a play-time at Kidzsport, 1 Utama.

More of such weekend i wish.


LZmommy said...

Sushi for the kids so cute! I can't tell this is you 2nd attempt only :) And unagi, I love it!

slavemom said...

Wah wah wah... must be floating in cloud 9 when ur 1st attempted sushi was so 'sau foon yeng' - by adults n children alike. That bento set must be a vy good investment. ;)
So wat were u doing when the kids were at Kizsport?

papajoneh said...

Aduhhhh.. i suddenly feel my late lunch just now means nothing compare to you yummilicious food here...

Sure happy lah you kan.. yer mom & dad praise your "sushi king" creation :D

1+2mom said...

You sushi look so delicious, like from sushi king one ler. Good job mummy!!!

Sasha said...

*drooling at the unagi*

Annie Q said...

WOW!!! YUMMY!! When u want to "invite" me to taste ur sushi ar?? Look so nice and the Bento too!!

Annie Q said...

saw ur sons Ben-10 watch!! my boys also got that! they also wear it and go kai kai. hahahhaha boys are boys.

Rjoc said...

You are getting quiet artistic in your old age Jacss. It looks very good. Does that mean you can give up your full time job now and open your own eating house preparing Bento style food.

wen said...

the unagi sushi looks yummy! all oso very chee mou chee yong! good job!

jacss said...

aiyo...thanks for all d compliments & motivations for me to move further with bento...paiseh paiseh!!

genie: mumy of course went for a round of shopping when d kids were playing lar...

one day annie...hopefully u get to taste my sushi, haha
btw, our ben10 watches...replica type, very cheap only but as long as they get satisfied, dun care la!!

oooh uncB, no no...giving up my job for this is too risky leh but good suggestion though, haha