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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Japanese Fair

Hey....wonder how many bento addicts / regular marketer love shopping in Isetan, the Japanese supermarket....just like me?? The japanese fair has been going on for quite sometime... Head on if you think you need to refill any stock as i believe it's ending quite soon.
Here are what i've added to my cooking essentials...
I was persuaded to get this.....the promoter said this could be added not just to soup but also goes well with cooking any dishes, be it meat or vegetables. It was cut into flakes 'on the spot' from a dried type of fish....dun know what though !!
Here is the 'hijiki' which resemble a little like the chinese 'muk yee' !!!
it will be nice to add on the sushi
finally, here is the seaweed powder.
Btw, Isetan is where i will be getting my supply for the week and it was regularly done on Friday lunch (for conveniency since i work near KLCC). I enjoyed doing marketing alone rather than tagging 2 monkeys along during the weekend ...... wink wink !!
I got curious with this lovely dessert & bought it to try. Nice to look, bouncy when bite but was quite tasteless.....no more second try!! Should have gotten those with fillings!

Oh ya, Isetan's mega sale starts from 1 August......just for info !!

Happy shopping & enjoy the weekend !!


slavemom said...

We hardly step into Isetan. Not our usual shopping store. Moreover, we're not into Jap food... yet. hehehe

Irene said...

its crazty when the sales starts. jus crazy. i work around here too. madness! madness! haha...