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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bento Week - # 3

** Presenting the past WEEK's bento **
(R) Ham+cheese+bread ROLL -- they like these
(L) Kiwi, cheese & seaweed cracker -- love them except d cheese

TUESDAY (light one)
Layered green tea cake, start fruit --- only ate the cake which they like so much
Corn, apple stick & oranges --- sean liked corn more than scot


(B) Tomato spiral pasta with fishcake --- Most preferred so far & sean asked for more of it

(T) Layered green tea cake + kiwi fruit --- ok finished


Salad (apple, sausage, egg, mayo) --- only ate a little...sigh, my mom said she see also don't feel like eating woh....hai !!



(L) Cheese & Kiwi fruit --- again, thank god they still didn't complaint!

(R) Salmon bread & Layered cake ..... again, still love it.....good !!

# asked my "ah beng" lou kung if he wants any bento from me & he shaked his head super fast indicating a 'no-no'.......guess he only sees this as "KIDS' stuff" & is yet to accept it for himself, hai....!!


allthingspurple said...

love your ice cream cone cookie cutter.

my ah beng lou kong also the same leh. the only time he condescend to bento is on Saturdays, when there is no one in the office, with the exception of sushi.

Rjoc said...

Looks good Jacss but it must strain the brain power trying to do have something different every day.
If your other half doesn't like it perhaps he would prefer the food to be a man size serve not a kiddies size one. Or doesn't he even go for sushi?

slavemom said...

Looks like ur bento set vy 'sau foon yeng' by the twins. Here's a suggestion on ur salad, no need to add sausage (do they like it?), put in cherry tomatoes (nicer color). Btw, wat do u do with the remaining bread after u've cut into cute shapes? Makan sendiri ah? Sometimes can be a lot rite if u wanna make many cute patterns.

LZmommy said...

Wow! I can see the efforts & love you put in to prepare for your twins :)

As for your hubby, how about preparing things that he likes to eat? So far, my hubby is ok with it, probably I prepared things that he likes.

JO-N said...

Your bento accessories are so cool! Keep the bento spirit going.

Annie Q said...

Wow..now got weekly bento pictures. hahaha..not bad.