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Sunday, October 7, 2007

What's up with the weekend?

What's up if not with food & shopping mall ??? Again, how boring heh.....i'm beginning to wonder if this is just "ONE" of our malaysian's culture with weekend...............

We started our Saturday unusually early, dady was forced to set his alarm at 7:30 a.m. as he has to attend to a breakfast appointment in Mid Valley. Since mumy has got to exchange the bow tie bought earlier in MV, we tagged along dad........Ping yi-yi (mumy's cousin) will be meeting us for breakfast after her yoga session, which would at least put dady mind at ease knowing that mumy has an extra pair of hands to help with our hyper twins!!

The twins seen marching into the mall with both their hands in the pockets.....gosh i thot it was such a 'lan si/gaya' look leh, just wonder where they imitated the style!!

Before dady proceeded to meet his biz partners & knowing that yi-yi will be late, dady bought McD breakfast for d twins first as time has striked 9:30 a.m. and according to dady's instinct, his boys' stomach should be growling.......

Twins were too busy to wave bye-bye to dady bcoz they were busy attending to their "dynasaur toys"! Not long after, yi-yi arrived..... and we quickly got their breakfast finished bcoz the list of things-to-do was long ahead !!

Next was a mission to fill-up mumy & yi-yi stomachs..........We headed to 'The Garden'....... the new wing of the shopping mall! We intended to try the shanghai food (Din Tai Fung or somethg) but sorry, no fate lor......we were still too early! So in the end, we ate the Japanese food at the super premium food court !! It was fresh, oil-free yet sumptuous!! The boys tried & loved the eel rolls too!!

Then we got our ex-changed done & proceeded to Megakids.......and "booked" a party event! Yeah yeah....for the twins upcoming b'day! I didn't want any mess with party at home, didn't want to stress ourselves out & bla bla bla.......so ended up leave it the party expert. Most importantly, i think the b'day kids should be enjoying themselves MOST. So, i think at 5, it will be quite ideal to have the party at a play centre. To avoid all the social works attending to the guests (mostly would be adults), this time we only invited the kids' cousins but the number doesn't make up to the minimum headcount required (12) so few of the friends' kids were invited too!! But we definitely have to keep the number minimum due to cost factor......i'm not sure but i find the price was really pricey lor!!

Half way thru our discussion with the organizer, dady finished with his appmt & took over the baby sitting role i.e. accompanying the kids into the playground at Megakids!

The twins went craze over the place. They definitely had over enjoyed themselves & needed very much to be controlled & cooled down at times. When it was time to leave....boy......they needed to be dragged out of the place. Next, we got to rush to Concorde Hotel for the 1pm lunch appointment.

We were called to participate in the food tasting session for my sis's upcoming wedding dinner. We heard a lot of claims about how lousy & aweful hotel food was but I tell you, "food tasting" is always excellent!

There was only some 'mild' comments given on the required improvements......all the dishes 'passed' EXCEPT the following.................





First of all, it was suppose to be the menu card.....where the bride's & groom's names were listed on the card too. And for those who didn't catch the 'mistakes', please see the bride's name again........ it's Jaclyn Lai indicating ME, ME, ME & ME ahh...........i'm getting marry again ???? OH BOY......it was hillarious man !!! We all went laughing hysterically over it!! Why the mistake?? Because my sis kept asking the hotel to send invitation card design & such to my e-mail address instead of hers........and so lar !!!

Anyway.........talking about food tasting for wedding dinner held in hotel particularly, i kind of pity the industry for the 'norm/culture' whatever u call it. It clearly depict another "kiasu" side of the Malaysian's face!! You tell me, what will the host do if they eventually found out that the entire dinner meals suck?? Usually food tasting was only given upon confirmation of booking i.e. where deposit was paid. Will they cancel the dinner reservation?? I doubt so coz by then it would be too late furthermore with $$$ paid. Yes, they could ask the hotel to improve but how would that be guaranteed on the actual dinner day?? By then no one would care.....maybe only the 'ang pow' would be more of concern!! So, it was just another 'FREE makan' session that the malaysian has created & so the hotel got to attend to this request in order to survive the industry, u agree?

Anyhow, we were surprised to be asked to fill up the comment form as a matter of fact!

The food was excellent & everyone was happy. It was nearly 4pm when we reached home.

Guess what, i think you may not believe it. That night itself, we had a wedding dinner to attend. And the most coincidence fact was that the dinner was actually held at the same hotel, same chinese restaurant where we had our food tasting earlier during lunch!! ...........................hehehe, u say creepy or not, eerie or not???

It was yet another marriage of the FOO family......cousin family of my father in law. PIL didn't make it this time & so huby being the eldest son was there to represent! Since angpow was already paid, we just attend only.

Actually, i kind of both love & hate this type of event: LOVE due to good food, nice ambience, pretty 'leng lui' in elegant evening gowns....why not? HATE bcoz we were there as representatives so meaning we do not know both the groom & bride as well as their parents. Thank god we still have uncle andrew (father in law's brother) to guide us around.....ahh, this is so & so's son, daughter-in-law & repeat again again while we just nodded & nodded our head with 'fake' smiles!!

We didn't finished our dinner bcoz Scot was already fast asleep when only the 6th dish was served. See how tired he was........
Whatever it is, we ended our Saturday very fruitfully !!


Annie Q said...

ya ya..i note the mistake..hahaha..Jaclyn Lai getting married again!
Most ppl will said hotel food lousy!Like my FIL also strongly disagree to hv wedding dinner in a hotel. So his one and the only daughter is getting married end of this year, she got it in the hotel! hahahahaha..because since all of us dont hv any chance to hv it in hotel. Who care food lousy, we just like the "grand grand" environment! hehehe
What a fruity and busy saturday u had! Good!

chanelwong said...

aiyo...was your hubby angry ar...hihi...

Wah your whole weekend makan makan makan...

Jacss said...

annie: what a joke of my life heh!
ya, all we concern is the envmt & not the food !!

chanel: my huby laughed togth with us....where got angry wan !!!

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