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Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick update.....Pheww, gone she was !!

Since her arrival last Friday, her vomiting saga continued. Our journey this morning from Pch to P.J. which took approximately 40mins, saw our camb maid vomitted twice. Huby couldn't stand her vomitting in his precious car anymore. It was horrible & my dear huby was so pissed-off & sicked of it.
Instead of having to wait for another day or two for the agent to settle some documents, huby couldn't be bothered anymore. Once we settled the boys at their kindy, huby straight away sent the maid back to the agency even without her luggage yet. Then we headed back & packed her stufffs & dumbed back to the agency......................pheww, sounded cruel but we were peace then!!
What a start on a blue Monday??


PapaJoneh said...

Man, that maid is really troublesome. Good choice of leaving her behind.

Geez, after you paid everything is it?
that is not cruel.. that is appropriate.

Annie Q said...

Sorry to hear that Jacss. But at least now u feel more happy no more stress? hahahahaha ..Ooooppss..i'm not pulling your leg..

Jacss said...

papa: yes, everythg must be paid before the maid arrived...but luckily still can change lar, hopefully the replacement will be better!!

annie: yes, i know u will sure udrstd...in fact, i actually thought of u when my camb maid was around...hehehe!!