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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beautiful LYE HUAT Garden NOT KNOWN to many

After one of our beautiful bak kut teh breakfast in AS, the whole family went to the beautiful Lye Huat garden in Jitra! Bet not many heard of it. It was just along the highway & guess what, my huby discovered it during a pass by trip. I didn't expect much until i reached & explored the place, hence proved myself wrong.

Beautiful green scenery & historically looked lake were seen. It was a little hot but still such a breeze to be able to compensate our eyes, ears & minds with fresh air, pleasant scenics & peaceful melody of the natures!!

Even the animals & pets were impressive! The kids went thrill, running around making us poor adults pouring & sweating all over.
Twins with their cousins........

Scot boy....

Don't know what type of fish is this....coz the mouth can't close wan, hehe!!

It was definitely a place that we would consider making a come back since AS could be drop dead boring besides eating, eating & eating..........hehehe !!!


zooropa said...

Thinking of drop-by there one day! Really don't know there's such a lovely place!


Jacss said...

thanks for dropping by dora!

yeah, so if u happen to be there, can drop by too....oops but it will be better when u have kids!!

Anonymous said...

You have tricked Anne, she has not heard of this place! and she is an AS girl. you have better EM and out her out of her misery!