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Monday, October 8, 2007

A Little Task For Our Health

We were supposed to have our yearly medical check up last friday but due to unforseen circumstances, we have to postpone it to Monday, today. It was into our 4th year this time doing this yearly little check on our health. We had been doing it at the Palace of Golden Horse hotel for the past years but this time, we wanted to try their 2nd medical centre at Mont Kiara. Appointment set at 9a.m. & we were punctual. We never regret trying here as the crowd was much smaller, only 9 members this round as compared to 30 in the hotel. So the round of checks were running pretty smooth & fast........one after the other without any long wait!!
The place was definitely nice, cosy & soothing so means............i must published a bit lar!!

The waiting hall.The juice counter
We were required to be on fasting since last mid night. There were a few tests that needed to be completed with empty stomach. So once these few were done, we were immediately given a refreshments..........knowing that all our stomachs were already growling as it was already 11a.m. It was such a healthy snack......no doubt lar, considering a health screening centre, right? But I can't deny that it was still delicious.....maybe we were just too hungry!

Then upon the completion of the entire list of screenings, our complimentary lunch was served. It was a japanese meal which was also another 'super healthy' meal....all with less oil, salt, sugar and means it less taste all in all !! But it was acceptable to me, i don't complain at all!
It was quite a comprehensive health screening i would say. The entire package cover 20 years of screenings which would include blood & urine tests on almost '100 items', physical examination, ECG test, chest X-ray, abdominal & chest ultrasound, mamogram, eye test, hearing test, pulmonary lung test, pap-smear & a ONE-TIME CT scan upon reaching the age of 40. Should you think that you do not need to do yearly check-up, you could actually pass on the entitlement to family members for that particular year of check-up. We would let our parents rotate the check-up with us. So i guess, with the increasing hazardous environment to our health couple with the equipped of health knowledges, this is only a little thing that we could do to ensure that our health is being monitored at best, if not perfect !!

After the lunch, we have to wait for the consultation session with the medical officer to go thru the screenings results. And thankfully, nothing really serious that warrant immediate attention. Again & again...........as expected:
* for both it was the weight that needs to be monitored, need to reduce both our BMI results, need to exercise more, need to cut down on unhealthy foods...............etc etc
* for me, it was the cholesterol level (despite the fact that i had inheritation to blame)
* huby needs to further his blood test on liver.
"other than that, all seemed not too bad" touch wood touch wood

Our consultation finished about 1pm & we left. Followed huby to deliver something to his customer in Shah Alam. Half way thru our journey, this man of mine said:

H: eh, in front there ahh, got one shop sell "kari mee" very very famous one........the curry very thick wan !!!

Me: oh, yes ahh.........so nice meh? but we just had our lunch only wor!!! actually deep inside me, i felt so bad to reject him........it was as if i'm splashing a cold pail of water down his face!! So, i further added, like that ahh, we share one bowl loh, how?

H: ok we share, very nice wan !!!

This was what we ate right after our so-called medical health screenings
I must say that it was indeed very very yummilicious despite the 'harm' to health!!
u say lar........."tai sei mou"????
slap head slap head !!!


Mummy to QiQi said...

Hehe...Jacss, yur "kari" ending very cute lar :p

chanelwong said...

more like holidays rather than medical check-up...

Annie Q said...

hahahahahaha..the ending part are funny!

Jacss said...

story of the 2 fat-fat=funny hor?

chanel:yes, in fact d medical check up was done with breeze.....

Tracy said...

There u 'starve' to go for a good health screening and after dat go and 'wallop' the yummilicious high cholesteroled bowl of laksa. Eat and then only 'ta shiun' (intend what to do) Hahaha.

Jacss said...

tracy: yes, u had read our minds... we tend to use this excuse to make way for all the unhealthy foods, sigh !!!