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Friday, October 5, 2007

SMORTY - blog for money

*This is a sponsored post*
I'm extremely glad that I've discovered blog can actually earned me money despite my initial intention of blogging was purely to fulfill my passion on writting!!
With massive development in the era of internet & technology, generation of today was lucky to be able to reap much of the benefits that internet brought about. One of the greatest creation by the internet was the opportunity to connect people from all walks of life.
SMORTY is a service connecting advertisers and bloggers. Smorty has tapped on the tremendous growth of blogs by creating opportunity for the advertisers to reap the potential benefits that blogs could bring about promoting their products/services. Thru Smorty, the advertisers pay bloggers to write opinion posts about their products & services with links back to the advertisers site.
So, advertisers wait no more, head up to Smorty and advertise on blogs !
Like every bloggers, I have my very own reason for keeping a blog. It is treated as a diary to upkeep the journey of my life as a mother of my twin boys, wife to my chauvinist husband and not forgetting my role as a daughter too!
Whatever the reason is, it is still no harm to blog for money !
While we happily jot down our daily journals, squeezing in between with 2-3 post to blog for money is thus easy & a thing that one should not missed out. Not just full time working adult could grab the chance to GET PAID FOR BLOGGING, even students who could write reasonably good english could earn extra pocket money by blogging. Reason simply because both signing up at Smorty and creating a blog doesn't cost even a single cent! So why hesitate????
To top on that, Smorty was so much efficient; get your post reviewed & approved within 72 hours and the BEST news is you get paid weekly for all post approved!!
Isn't it great news to you??

blog for money

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Welcome to Smorty !!!!