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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ASTRO punya pasal......

The twins' recent mischievous really made us frustrated....agitated....made us insane....made us super mad yet speechless !! WHAT HAPPENED LAR.........

They have been "FIGHTING" so bad with us over the TV channels!! Problems had started to get serious with them either :
- "gluing" to the cartoon channels almost every other seconds or
- simply insisted to tune into their cartoon channels even when they were not watching (i.e. busy arguing, busy fighting & etc)

Usually our TV would have to give-in to their demand for Channels 60, 61, 62 or 63. It's getting tough to get them to compromise on some TV time for dady & mumy. But not that we will let things be........most of the time (if not all), we struggled, they struggled....ended up dady/mumy used lil "force" (cane) and the boys would screamed, yelled & worst of all cried & threw bad tantrums! It could be tiring & unhappy for both sides, spoilt our weekends, missed our favourite shows.........so things need to be sorted out! HOW??

Dady & mumy had thought of subscribing a 2nd decoder (which would be charged at 50% per month). Then the boys would have their own TV corner upstairs without disturbing our precious TV time. But then think of it, this would results in permanent extra costs.......is it worth?
Not long after, dady heard from his source that there is a gadget that operates like the 'wireless' service. In short, we can watch different chanels at different spots within the same house...i think!
It's going to cost a one-time charge to purchase the gadget (few hundred bucks i think) but no recurring charge at least. Dady is still awaiting the feedback for more info on this thingy! And we heard that it's legal.....hopefully, we'll see how.

On the other hand, despite solving this problem, i think we also got to do something about the habit. Right now during weekdays, the boys' TV time would usually starts around 2pm when they settled down after school with lunch & bathe. I don't object to letting them having a break between 2-4 after which my mom would "force" them to nap. ....yes, my mom said she really had to resort to having a cane in front of them in order to have the boys obliged lying down quietly & close their eyes...... But within minutes, they will usually doze off bcoz they were actually very tired by then considering they woke up at 7 in the morning for school!
But soon after they woke up from afternoon nap, the habit would continue........ to the extend of having dinner & doing their homework in front of the TV!!

As for weekends, unless if we were all out from the house, the "TV drama" would starts within the "Heng family" once the boys step into the house........

But we'd made it clear & bright that 9:30 pm onwards would have to be mumy's time bcoz mumy has purchased the Astro on Demand-TVB Series "The Drive of life" and this is the only thing the boys would compromised!!

Finally, I'm not sure if this is going to be our "temporary" solution & good news!

Extracted from Astro website:

Astro is introducing 3-digit channel numbers on 1 October 2007 to accommodate its 100+ channels. You can also look forward to more new and exciting channels this October. Remember to leave your Astro or Astro Max decoder on standby mode whenever you are not watching.

YES, YES, YES.........it means their cartoon channel will be changed to whatever 3-digits....i can't remember what channel yet, no time to explore !!!
SO..................the twins would soon discover their cartoon chanels GONE...........where???
I would have answer the question this way : OOH, Astro taken away the cartoon chanels, no more cartoon already, wait ahh, wait dady call them to fix, ok.....then happily switch to our chanels, hahahahaha !!!

But yesterday, the old channel were still working...........don't know lar.......fed up oredi !!

Channel Old Channel Numbers New Channel Numbers

Astro Wah Lai Toi 30 311 (mumy's channel) versus

Nickelodeon 60 612 (the boys' channels)
Disney Channel 61 615
Cartoon Network 62 616
Playhouse Disney Channel 63 613

The end of the Heng family "TV drama" stories..............


Annie Q said...

LOL! For my case i have to memorise the new channel. Especially my Wah Lai Toi and those chinese channel and CARTOON CHANNEL..hahahahah. Now i know 611 onward is all cartoon channel.

yenlin said...

sad to tell...
i never switch on TV at home... or i should say i dun let the Kids watch TV since they were born. as a matter of fact, the last thing they wan to do at home is WATCHING TV. :-P

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha....do u believe until today we do not have astro at home? I guess we are the only family without Astro in this new era :)

Jacss said...

oh annie: hope u would not land yrself like me later...so hold on & go slow with TV, ok?

yenlin: what....no TV ahh, u must be "SOMEONE" man...can survive ahh like that??
no TV since birth ahh....walau ehh!!

cnee: yeah, never thought someone can still survive without astro...hehe!!

Sasha said...

aiyoh pening man.
We all just have one astro max decoder. Record and see later.

Tracy said...

I tell u hor, I regretted telling Des the new numbers of 613 and now she wants me to press for her cos she has difficulty in pressing 3 numbers. So, I tried to press 63 and told her the channel's cancelled oredi but she'll tell me "it's 613, mommy" *slap head*.

The only channel I can remember very well is Channel 311 (hahaha).

Jacss said...

sasha: wah...astro max decoder very expensive wor !!!

tracy: yala...we all parents memang tend to pamper & spoil our kids...like us i bet, soon we will tell our boys the cartoon channel too!!