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Sunday, October 21, 2007

My turn now with 'maid' crisis

Our existing Indon maid will be leaving on coming Tuesday……we only left with another day of luxury……argh……help pls help !!!
Actually new maid already arrived before Raya break but we were not around so we delayed picking her up.
Thursday returned home & Friday morning went anxiously to pick up our Cambodian maid but soon we will be sending her back as we had rejected her & had already requested for a replacement!! Surprise? Sound scary, heh?

Our first exchanged of sight was already not very pleasant as she has a very obvious scarring around her neck & shoulder so huby was just afraid of any skin decease or as such.
Then we felt strange with her coz she wasn’t very “lively”….looked dumb, down & totally unresponsive even with my boys running around her but I tried to persuade my mind not to judge at that moment.
Then, we left the agency office about noon from SS2 to Puchong….first horror surfaced!
She was not used to car ride, thus she vomited which we felt was fine. But her vomiting incidents did not stop there. She continued to vomit for ALL of the rest of her car ride experiences despite only for a 5 minutes drive. It was damn bloody disgusting. How would she survive her daily routine of enduring at least 30-45 minutes car ride from Pch to P.J every morning from Mon-Fri ????
Still we thought that doesn’t justified enough as a reason to reject her.

Our main primary reason was that she was totally incapable of handling children. She was just UNATTENTIVE at all, slow in response, insensitive towards handling of children, what’s more with 2 hyperactive toddlers of mine?? Both huby & I observed her stringently on her response towards our boys & it really sent shiver down our spine……just by thinking what’s gonna happen if we were to leave our boys just with her !!!! She was not concentrating, blur with the mind always seen loitering (day dreaming) & couldn’t be bothering much in caring our boys. Despite the boys climbing & jumping around the staircase, she could still stand there looking elsewhere & not responding…..i mean really no reaction until I can’t stand & shouted at her!! I just couldn’t understand & imagine there is such human survive!

After much serious consideration & thought, we decided she was just not the right person. Sorry we just can’t tolerate any carelessness towards our boys. It has never been our intention to reject any maid, as we have been lucky with 2 of our previous maids but this time we must have been ‘blind’ as we were the one that selected her from the many photos of bio data available to us.

Furthermore, only after actually experiencing the communication problem with the Camb maid, we came to term that we had enough of the hassle & made up our mind that we should stick back to Indon maid. We can't even convey simple instruction to her coz she doesn't seemed to understand a single english....gosh! I had been like talking to the wall..........
The only thing to be slightly safer with Indon maid is to get an older one….at least 35 years & above & must be a Christian!

We went back to the agency to convey our problems & requested for a replacement. The moment the agent saw us, her instant response was: really that bad ah?
Next is the list of the agent’s other comments:
-Actually when she was with us for 2 weeks training, we already could tell her behaviour.
-But we are only working here so we can’t be telling bad things about her.
-Since now that you discovered & raised the problems, all I could do is to help you minimise your loss……just pay the levi for the replacement maid lor (RM445)!
I really don’t know what luck was with us……..
Anyway, despite everything we still feel so guilty & pity her………having processed her all the way here but rejected her!! And we don’t know what’s gonna happen to her when she is send back then. It was not our intention but we really really have no choice!
Now we are like reaching nowhere…..left without maid next week onwards. Replacement will only arrive in 1-2 months time. Meantime, the only choice left to care for my boys in the day was my parents……pity & felt sorry but got to bear!

Tentative plan:
House cleaning (floor, toilet & etc) – weekly part time cleaner
Laundry – washing machine
Iron – send to dobi shop
All else – me, me, me & me lor….just treat it as part of my slimming treatment lah !!
Till then, wish us luck !!!


Anonymous said...

What about your hubby? the exercise in house cleaning will do wonders for his waist line!!

Jacss said...

Huby ahh??????????? Well, I'm not putting hope in him. Unless if i kick, he might move......

He noticed that i looked worried & asked me why.....and when i said bcoz u wouldn't be bothered to help, he just kept quiet & looked down....sigh!!!

So, if u could knock on his door & tell him, it would do me wonder unc.bob........hehehe!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

wat a nitemare of havin maid...that is what stop me from getting one although i am so desperate for one...

1+2mom said...

If my hubby, he wil rather takecare the kids than help me do the housework.And i rather do housework than takecare the kids, because it will make me headache that i already face them whole day.

Annie Q said...

Oh dear! I understand u, because i also in the same situation as u! I still do the shouting and screaming every day! Even though she did have little bit improve..as u said, when they see kids running or climbing, they are just insensitive and slow in response. That is why till now i still put my boys at the nursery! And like u said they like loitering, after lots lots scolding and nagging, now she did improve a bit. It's really take times!!!
Sad to hear about ur case, hope u can get ur replacement maid soon. Good luck!

Jacss said...

chinee: u r lucky coz was in a situation of relying on a maid !!!

sylvia: me same as you....anyway, the boys had always favour their dad ...sob sob !!

annie: oh in that case, better let the boys remained in the nursery!! else, can't imagine....gosh!!

Jacss said...

typo error
chinnee: u r lucky bcoz was NOT in a situation of relying on a maid!!

laundryamah said...

die i'm oso getting cambodian maid!

i think u shouldn't feel sorry for the maid cos i'm sure the agent repackaged her for another household! hopefully it's not me!

Jacss said...

thanks for dropping by amah!!

guess u r right, why do i feel sorry for her...in her few days with us, all she cares was to eat(lots i mean) & then vomit in our car...chis !!!

hopefully, like u said, the maid won't goes to u....btw, i took it from philimo (just in case for yr safety, hehe)

Wen said...

the maid's attitude and character sounds just so much like my previous maid. one of the reason she was acting like this was because it was my maid's first time working and out of her kampung. i tolerated her for 14 mth as i was abt to give birth to my 2nd child. at the beginning so started to improve, after that slack, then improved (after i sound her) then slack and got worse that i had to send her home. now i have part time cleaner to help me with housework... no more live in maid if i can handle myself.. my firs time was unlucky so aint gonna try anymore..

Jacss said...

thanks for dropping by wen! our main intention of getting a maid was purely for an extra pair of hands to care, handle & HELP my poor parents whom we'd entrusted to babysit our active boys!!

It was not so much on houseworks which i agreed could be outsourced anytime.

Being full-time working parents, we have no choice but still got to rely on these maid as helper!! just pray luck will be with us....

Colin Wee said...

I really miss having a domestic amah. But I also don't want my privacy intruded upon. My wife and I lead very busy lives and it literally drives us to exhaustion to clean the house on a day-to-day basis. It can be done though - so you might be able to cope until you find yourself a better helper. Colin

Jacss said...

thanks for dropping by my blog!!

the blogsphere is so wonderful as i've just made a friend from....emm...so far (Perth, rite) yet so close (Singapore)!!

beautiful family photo u have there and such a good cook u r!!

Colin Wee said...

Jacss .. it's now my turn to have a maid crisis (see Domestic Help-less)!

Thanks for the compliments.