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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Journey To Work - The Change Part 2

I'm suppose to pen my horrible journey to work after the change in schedule resulting from mom's house moving! And here it is........it really got me dissapointed despite leaving d house while d sky was still dark, d traffic jam wasn't much better. It still got me used up much of my brain cells to tackle d terrible jam. I hate it so much. And I couldn't imagine having to live up with that daily.

But thank god that changes live just too short! After only 2 days, huby suggested another alternative......good to me of course! He suggested to leave my car to my parents. Then both mom & dad will drive in separate cars to PJ in d wee morning hours when there roads are basically still quiet & empty. So they don't actually face such traffic jam.

And my dear huby willingly assumed his previous role in driving us all to school & to work. I got back my luxury............yeah, isn't that wonderful??? I definitely giggle all my way out upon hearing that option. But....boy, i have to luvf him more loh??? But actually, huby later jokingly told me that he doesn't like & not used to get up from bed, leaving for work & most imptly taking breakfast all alone by himself !!!! kekekekeke !!!!

I believe him so much as I've long observed that my huby was sort of dislike n scare of loneliness. He has since grown to like d noisy (full of arguments/jokes/laughters/gossips), close, cheerful & warm family of mine!! He doesn't mind & in fact love to follow me even when it was a visit to those distance elderly aunty/uncle homes..........where boring conversation usually strucks!! Whatever family outings that were organised by my family members, my huby would not missed it & usually was a good supporter!! My mom even complimented that before too!
That's one of d wonder side of him where most of my girlfrens/sisters' partner display the opposite side of d preference!

And so my phobia was game over.............hooray!!!


zewt said...

wow... private chauffeur eh? so fortunate...! thanks for dropping by my blog... hope to see ya around.

Jacss said...

zewt, i chance upon your blog....at d courtesy of 5xmom! so, got to thank her for discovering your nice blog....!
btw, it's so difficult to pronounce zewt (your name???)

zewt said...

nah... but it did evolved from my actual name....

it's pronounced as "zeut"... hahah... one has to hear it to know it...

yeah, 5xmom has been very supportive of me.