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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Parents v Teacher Evaluation Day (Q1-2007, Yr 5)

I have been delaying this post for quite a while but since reading the same topic from Tracy Nest this afternoon, I decided to lift my lazy fingers to accomplish this!
My boys kindy has the Parents v Teacher Evaluation Day every quarterly where basically the teacher would update the parents of the performance (academically, socially, physically & etc etc) of their children at school.
It wasn't really a serious session like the one we had in our secondary school time.......parents collect our report card day! It's more like a sharing session - to clear both parents & teacher queries, discuss any problems & agree on solutions to improve things! I did try my best not to exert any pressure on the teacher as well as my kids at this point yet! And I am still handling their school homework very lightly..........actual excuse is bcoz mummy lazy la... I'm not sure if I'm taking the right path but I don't want to end up putting my kids into depression as a result of pressure with school/studies!! I ""tried"" to believe in fate & in-born traits (smart, intelligent, bright) which couldn't be changed much anyway....... so it's better to be natural & live life happily instead! If their mummy could perfectly did well in studies without much tuition, enrichment/development lessons plus with not highly educated parents, why can't their boys??

So back to the evaluation thing....... since it was a new academic Year-5 for teacher Elaine who is new to my boys & vice verse, my very 1st question to her was:

Me: Can you recognise my twins by now?

Teacher: Yes, I can tell now. Then, their teacher goes straight to the point:

- Pointing & said this is Sean (ko ko)

and this is Scot (ti ti);

- Sean is more oblige & not so talkative.....as in.... he is more willing to listen & will not talk back when teacher scolded him;
- Where else Scot is more rebellous & talkative......if teacher scolded him, he will retaliate back in 10x.......gosh;

- But Scot seems brighter & he could pick things up faster provided he was concentrating, sometimes even before teacher finishes saying something, he already knew what it was but his patience & attention span can be real short so if that's lacking, it will be difficult to attract him; - And Sean can be very focusing with school work, he's more calm & concentrating though slightly slower;

- Sean can easily be a big crying baby, whenever it's ssh ssh time to washroom, both will have to go 'TOGETHER', if teacher ever try to stop one, it'll be disaster.....

- Both their roles has been switched "it seems"..........Scot acted more like the big bro & always wanted his friends to follow suit......& funnily enough his elder bro has always willingly follow his little bro footsteps!

Me: Bingo, you've got all their characters/behaviours/attitudes accurately evaluated !!!! Then, next question : How was their relations with their classmates?.....what i actually concerned & meant was do they fight with others as much as they faught with each other almost all d time??

Teacher: No, they don't fight with others......usually they only fight between themselves!

Me: So relief..........then i started to pretend browsing over their books as if i care.....but actually i just sort of to show show a mother's concern only !! In my mind I was thinking to finish it up quickly & go to work la !!!

Overall, their academic performance was average as they were english speaking children plus the rest of family members all spoke cantonese only, i already expected their average performance with mandarin & bahasa subject. I have been reminding huby to switch speaking mandarin to them by year 5 but it's damn difficult ! Anyhow, much improvements have been seen in getting them to do their homework......as in the previous year(nursery year), it was almost impossible to get them to do homework, they tend to disturb each other by scribbing each others' books. I was not allowed to attend to only one of them, the moment i turned to one even for 5 seconds, the other fella got jealous & distracted hence started yelling & yelling for attention.
Initially it almost got me 'culture shock' & was horribly worried
back then. I raised the problems to the principal & luckily the principal advised me soundly. She said it was not time to push them yet. She asked to take things one step at a time, go slow & no forcing. If all my boys could finished was only 2 lines, by all means it would be fine for the teacher. That advices got me calm down a lot & I started to take things easily. And as true as I believe, things naturally progress to where it should be! They are doing their addition pretty good now........but boy, after reading Tracy mentioned about Reading books, I didn't even aware of which grade they are on now??? slap head for that.......

Below was they nursery year Annual Concert Day!

Teacher said mumy got to put some light make-up first...................
This was how mumy prepared them with all those 'branded' make-up stuffs........hehehehehe!

Then teacher pat & pat more colours onto their faces.........hair not yet.......!!!

Here's the final products...........with their hairs resembled that of "ah beng" kam mou/gold hair!

Though the above evaluation sounded as if my Sean was such a good boy, he has his mischief times too. He can whinned extremely terribly at times until we really had to give in to his demand.......& over time, believe me that has really spoilt him! And despite Scot portrays a more cheeky, cunning & naughty character, he would has his chance of being whacked by his elder bro too!
And here, let me introduce you to the culprit that contributed most in spoiling the boys........
jeng jeng jeng.......who else la other than their fat old dady!!!

Through out this 4 years ++ parenting twins (esp. boys), our scariest nightmare was the 24 x 7 fights for over almost anything, anywhere, anytime........phobia phobia & soon it became immune !!!

See the 'wet' part??? It was a common problem....he got too excited & refused to go ssshhhh..........shame shame!!


Tracy said...

I browsed thru ur posts and I understand now why the name Jacss (heehee). Cute and handsome pair of twins u have there.

I've pressure guiding my girl with her homework (esp Chinese writing) and I did pause for a moment to think how u can handle ur twins with theirs *wondering*. Salute, salute to u.

Jacss said...

Well tracy, thx for dropping by...ya "cute" when u don't have to take care of them !!! handsome???.....emm, maybe yes but... shy to admitla.....(^_^)

I'm sure u will do destinee a proud mom as you've already proven yourself with an elder daughter who is now already in her 20s plus a baby, so no worries.....cheers & happy mother's day!!