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Sunday, May 20, 2007

W-Yee simple birthday

It wasn't meant to be a planned birthday party. As mom would like to try out cooking for us the "yue tau mai"/fish head mee, we were all asked to gather at mom house.

Since the kids would be grouping along, my elder sis thought of getting WYee's b'day cake over for sharing & Obviously in return, there would be more voices singing the b'day songs!
It was her 4th b'day (my elder sis's 2nd dd)................

Look below, how beautiful, how colourful & how pretty was the jelly barbie cake!! Everyone felt so sayang to eat it !! The taste was good too, not too sweet.......just nice! Most important, it reduces the mess of the creams!! As for the price, well.........it's not cheap but considering the workmanship, i would say it's worth! RM70..........you say leh????

Here's what i got not just for the b'day girl but also for all the "ding-ding" & "dong-dong" there ......there were 4 of them altogether..... my twins + b'day girl + her little brother! It was a clever decision.....as there were no fights in the end!!

Can you imagine the 4 busy body pushing & pushing their trolleys around the living hall the whole night???? And they were flashing & flashing in front of us who were so eagerly watching the Astro Classic Golden Melody singing final competition.......gosh, pening man !!!


1+2mom said...

Where to get that jelly cake, it very nice and 'unique'. MAybe will get it for my twins gal when they next birthday :)
I think i saw your twins b4 at ss2 daycare center when they about 2 years old, izzit them??

Jacss said...

This jelly cake was purchased in Bandar Puchong Jaya. Yeah their cakes are really beautiful...
Below is the shop's details:

Q Jelly Bakery Shop
No.15, Jalan Kenari 18B, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel : 03-8076 1159
Fax : 03-8076 8499
For more details, visit their website www.qjelly.com

Btw, maybe u r right...that could be my twins coz i had placed them in a daycare center in Chow Yang SS2 when they were 2-3 years old. Howcome u saw them huh? I'm so curious, what's yr e-mail maybe we can chat more ???? Or u can mail me at jaclyn.lai@reach.com

Tracy said...

Heehee, ur boys like to play with the trolley? I promised to buy my girl the trolley too and u know what when she saw the trolley in ur blog and *eiks* dat reminded her. Haiyo, must remember to buy lor.

Jacss said...

ya ya ya, boys also kepoh at this age...they(2girls+2boys) love it so much!
actually, it's very worth....only RM13.90 i think...& that has got them occupied for quite long!!