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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Teacher's Day

Today marked the end of the school 2nd term & so most of the school or rather kindies celebrated teacher's day today. As for my boys, they were encouraged (or asked) to contribute some food suitable for kids to the party & there was this strictly no 'junk food' hint.

Obviously being a working mom, I would have no choice other than "buying" outside food. How I wish I have the time to fry some nuggets or sausages or make some sandwiches !! And I wasn't even dare to think about buying the 'food' early in d morning considering the morning rush & traffic jam that we have to endure. So, I would rather take a more precautious step by grabbing some buns & cakes the night before. As my kids love sausage bun, that was the first to go to my tray.......hey, dun they looked luring too............

Then, there was boxes of fresh cream cakes just packed from the oven......so i quickly grabbed them too.............and even before the party starts, my boys had already whacked a few pieces as supper the night before! I chop, chop, chop into small pieces & packed into nice containers !!

So, by the time I woke up in the morning, I just need to pick the cakes from the fridge & off goes into the plastic bag & we were ready to move......
Before leaving the house in d morning, i like to take a view of some beautiful "foo kuai"/prosperity flowers in my car porch !! It brightens up the colours of my day........

On an unusual account this morning, I'd accompanied the boys into their classroom to greet their teacher with the food & not forgetting to pass my camera to the teacher to snap some happy moments of the kids in d party for my records.......wah looks like d teacher got to submit homework la !!
Since I have been telling the boys about the party, they got really excited & did not showed any separation anxiety........instead willingly bid bye-bye to mumy........so off I go & goyang kaki with huby for breakfast before boarding LRT to ofis........

And after work, I was greeted with some happy pictures of my boys..............

Sean boy.........happy & cheerful face isn't he???

Scot boy.........cheerful & charming also, isn't he???

On a separate note, I wish to take this opportunity to thank all my boys' teacher too.... for their hardwork esp. with patience, tolerance, guidance which sometimes we parents might also lack!
And I was especially impressed & amused lately with my boys' latest milestones!!
Few weeks back, I kept hearing the following conversation among d twins when they were doing their homework:

boy: "3 add 2" equal...........................??????? "put 3 in d brain & show me 2 fingers, then starting from d number in d brain i.e. 3.......follow by next number........4 (count 1st finger)........follow by 5 (count 2nd finger)".
So the answer is 5 la............u get it??

And my little scot is damn cunning wan...............even when d question was posted as 2 + 8, where he is suppose to put 2 in the brain & show 8 fingers to sum up BUT he will automatically put 8 in the brain & show 2 fingers, short cut way..............he he he, smart boy!!

And that's what today's technology has invented, I don't recall learning my maths this way, do u??? .....teacher clever or not??

10 Q teacher & HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY !!!!


Tracy said...

Aiyo, how come my girl's kindy didn't celebrate leh?

How thoughtful of u to have contributed the buns and cakes. Good idea, absolutely no junk food.

Wah! Ur 'fu kwai far' looks so nice. I always wanted to get some of those but .. sigh ... where to put in my kicik mouse size apartment. Pappy used to say "plant under the 'chong har dai' (under the bed) ah?" *duh*

Hahaha, ya lor, in school, Des was taught how to add too whereas I taught her how to 'plus' and now using the method of adding the larger number to a smaller number, faster this way. I was never taught this way in school too.

Jacss said...

apparently, the fu kwai far is one of those easier to maintain wan so it survived under our hands......hehehe!

btw, remember d next round u all do ordering of d "mille" cake fr melaka, pls do count me in.....i'm so eager to try out......very "wai sik" ahh!!

1+2mom said...

We also learning with the kids now on cause it so much difference from what we had learned last time.

Annie Q said...

haha..at first i tot that is the teacher in the picture with ur twins!Now only i know that is u!U're very young and leng lui mummy lei!;)

Jaclyn said...

thank Q, thank Q Annie......what a compliment......blushed oredi!!

photo can be a big liar...once u get to see the dark eye circle, lines & spots, & the bulgy tummy, opinion tend to change......(^_^) !!!